help FPE panel

how would you right this up? I’ve never seen anything like this. the panel is rated at 125. It has 4 40 amp breaker in it, is this possible or safe? the meter outside looks to be 200 amp.

flint 082.JPG

flint 135.JPG

This property had one or more Federal Pacific Electric brand main service or sub panels that use “Stab-Lok” circuit breakers. Both double and single pole versions of these circuit breakers are known to fail by not tripping when they are supposed to. This is a potential but serious fire hazard. Recommend having a qualified electrician replace any and all Federal Pacific panels. For more information, visit:

If the Federal Pacific panel(s) are not replaced, then a qualified electrician should thoroughly evaluate the panel(s) and make repairs as necessary. Recommend installing smoke detectors above Federal Pacific panels.

I would also report on the fact that there are several breakers in the off position.
I have seen many (possibly 20-25) of these panels burn houses and aptartments. Please tell your clients to at least install a smoke detector.

Mine is similar to Corbett but here it is:
The building main electrical panel was manufactured by Federal Pacific / Stab-Lok. Some experts in the electrical Industry believe this panel has been known to present latent hazards by malfunctioning under certain conditions resulting in jammed circuit breakers. The breakers may not trip (disconnect) under imposed load conditions. We recommend further evaluation by licensed electrician. For information please visit:

The others gave you good answers. It does seem you have there a 100A panel off a 200A meter base. Not common, but not a violation/defect either.

I just have one question. Are you implying above that having four 40A breakers in a 100A panel is somehow unsafe?

How did you determine the size of the concealed conductor feeding the meter?

Or are you reading the rating of the meter which is 200CL (this is quite normal).

My dilemma is this is a home converted into 4 unit. Each unit has a stove running off this panel. My concern is the safety of the tenants. But now that i think about it, as long as the breaker are working there isn’t a real concern.

Normally that would not be a safeyt concern, just a REALLY stupid (cheapskate) deisgn! Then again, this IS an FPE panel. THAT IS a safety issue.

FOUR units off a 100A service??? ALL with electric ranges??? Who is this slumlord??

Sure wouldn’t meet a service calculation either

Edited to add

The demand for the four ranges would be 70 amps