Help: Hollywood needs a gravity, octopus-style furnace for a movie set

Hi. I am looking for a gravity, octopus-style furnace for a movie set; non-working ok.

Checking if you know of any?

Tight deadline so please let me know ASAP.



Philip T. Edgerly
PO Box 3059

Crofton, MD 21114
T 443.994.9550
F 443.914.2234

possibly someone from TIJ or IN could help if ur willing to ask there

never seen 1 down here

Reach out to the nearest Movie prop rentals -Vintage renter…

Just fabricate one, you have the people. I see one here in an article you wrote. Looks like a barrel with ductwork.

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Had one last Monday abandoned in crawlspace. Call or text me nick


Sounds like someone trolling. They build entire movie sets with intricate work and can’t have a welder and/or sheet metal fabricator make a prop or even functional unit??