Help Identifying connector

Can someone identify by name these type connectors besides DANGEROUS. Any help would be appreciated.

HPIM3278 (Small).JPG

HPIM3279 (Small).JPG


I have only ever seen and used those type connector strips in automotive and marine 12 and 24 volt circuits, I can’t believe they were ever rated for 120V circuits.

Are the pictures of thermostat circuits by any chance?



Those are great barrier strips or terminal blocks, I have seen them called both.

Of course they are made to go inside an enclosure.

Used like this they are dangerous.

Hi Gerry.

I can still get similar versions rated to 600 Volts.

They are very handy in industrial control cabinets.

Not much good around a house.

By the way I tried to return you message but it would not go through.


Hi Bob,

yes I did some fast googling and corrected my post, the gist of it is they should never be exposed like that outside of an enclosure.

Nice to see you back here Bob



Believe it or not, looked like 240V 30amp feeder to this connector. Thanks for the input. First time I have seen these connectors/strips. Most definitely recommended repair!!! Soon! There are many more problems with the electrical service and wiring methods.

HPIM3279 (Small).JPG

HPIM3279 (Small).JPG

HPIM3307 (Small).JPG

HPIM3279 (Small).JPG