electrical connectors

What type/name of connectors are these? I am sure they are a retro fit connector for alum branch wiring, but what are they called?

Looks like a Scotchlok type.

They are made by 3m and I am not a fan of them. Typically, I only see the in dc applications like cars, so I would do some digging to find out if they are rated for AC current.

I am also concerned about the joints outside the box and the way the grounds are joined .This bad and needs to be repaired by an Electrician

They are called AlumiConn and they are approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. See http://www.kinginnovation.com/products/20/3-port-alumiconn

Thanks to all that replied, that is what I was looking for. Enjoy your day.

Indeed they are Alumiconn’s…But they need to be in a "BOX"ICON…lol…Junction boxes actually…lol