Help identifying Service Rating

Wadsworth Panel in 1958 home. I’m thinking 60 Amps.

It is the smallest common denominator.
Panel rated at 150 amps (unusual to me)

What gauge are the service feeds ? [4] Aug for aluminum at 60 amps.

Meter rating ?

It’s tough to gauge wire sizes (no pun intended) from a photo, but based on that SEC, I would say you’re probably correct - 60 amps.

I think it is larger than that. I don’t remember a split bus panel being only 60 amps.

I would guess that the standard size of aluminum SE cable of that era was #2 which would have been used for a 100 amp service.

That’s about was I was thinking too Robert.

Can’t tell from the pic, but the wire looks like #2, which I believe is up to 100 amps.

The round meter base usually indicates a 60 amp service.

Yep 100 Amp is what I agree with too.

Thanks guys


Bases on the info of the panel, the digital meter along with the size of contact with main lugs.

The meter has absolutely no bearing on the service capacity - zero.

Really!!! You don’t say, thanks for enlightening me before I go to bed. LOL