What size Amps is this panel

Need help with understanding the service Amps for this main panel. It is a XO circuit breaker load center square D. The cover says that it is a 100amp panel. There is a 40 Amp breaker at the top and a 50 amp breaker at the bottom. There are several problems I know about such as: double tapped breakers and undersized double tapped breakers, panel is located at the middle of the home with no disconnect at outside meter, SEC is old/worn and panel is undersized for current household loads.






The round base on the meter implies it is a 60 AMP meter.
The panel states that is is rated at 100 AMP.
There is no main disconnect in the panel.

60 Amp service.

What size wire is the SEC? That will give you the amperage of the box. Probably 60. What is that meter rated for?

I have added a few more pics. I agree the outside meter looks like a 60 amp service but the meter is not marked. I have had round meter bases that were 100 Amp service. This is obviously original panel, but would have never met code requirements even in the 60’s.




The meter rating is totally irrelevant. The rating of the meter pan is relavant, but typically is not accessible.
If that is #4CU, which is does look like, I would call this 100A.