Help is needed quickly to describe a couple of deficiencies

This is Lee Eckroth of Happy 2021!

We could use your help. We are working on a project studying the different ways deficiencies are described by different home inspectors and need some QUICK feedback.

All who provide feedback on the 4 images in the survey in the next 48-hours will be entered to win a $250 credit to the InterNACHI Inspector Outlet. Please provide your observation, description and recommendation exactly as you would within an inspection. All three are important. Your help is appreciated.

Thanks and make 2021 your best year yet!
Lee Eckroth, co-founder

PS: All personal information will be kept confidential, but when we are finished I will provide an update on the results.

The survey says 100… What is the actual prize intended to be paid out. Please provide consistent information.

There are more than 4 images and it says $100 not $250, what’s up? Old link? Talk about QUICK lol

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Hi Jordan. I saw that and corrected. $250 is correct. Sorry about that.

Hi Simon. Sorry about any confusion. $250 is the correct amount and there should be just 4 images all related to a bathtub. Thanks!

I see what happened… it’s the way they are labelled. 1 thru 7, but only 4 images

Good luck, you will get 50 different answers :smiley:

Thanks Simon. We are excited to see all the feedback for sure :slight_smile:

I just finished the survey and something changed during the survey by the OP it request that I retake the survey.

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Hmmm, that is strange. Must have been some sort of tech issue. Sorry about that. Hopefully it is easy enough to refill the blanks. Thanks a lot for taking the time.

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Same here. :slight_smile:

Hi Junior. That is super strange. I am trying to duplicate it and am not able. The good news is that I saw yours come in :slight_smile: Thanks.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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Done. Worked fine for me.


No having to submit twice?

Let me know who wins the $250. That is if anyone happens to.


Hey Christopher. We will for sure update this post with some stats from the survey along with the winner by the end of this week. Thanks! Lee

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And all of them will be correct (I hope)


No. It seemed to go through fine.

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Just competed your survey. As an observation (after 22 years in this biz), I find for most deficiencies that we see, simply describing the defect is the better approach, and rarely describe a repair. If I step on someone’s toes with this next comment, well sorry, but I hate the generic “should be evaluated and repaired/replaced by …x… technician/expert” (or worse ‘appropriate expert’) that I too often see in other reports for every single deficiency whether major or minor that the HI reported.

So, that’s my two cents on it. One of the beauties about our biz, is that we can all run our business as we see fit to do, (except in Texas) and since I know some of you will disagree, that’s ok.