Help name this window style

I would like help with the correct definition of this window style. It’s a wood sliding window with the latch in the middle of the operable side sash. There are tracks on the top and bottom that guides the window inward and then across the fixed pane.


Anderson Gliding Windows?

I think you have defined it correctly. That is a great system, I have never come across such a system. Anything that relieves pressure on the weather system as it is operating is a good thing, should last a long time.

I’ve seen them before in homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Single pane with typically a wood frame storm. This one was in a home loaded with them that was built around 1963. Just didn’t know the name.

I’m including a picture from the rook overlooking Lake Michigan. Real windy nasty day for June. 53 was the High and I think there was a wind chill yesterday.

I had the same window in the home I grew up in. We called it “the kitchen window”. That’s all I can tell you.

Framed Glass

I note them as an older slider configuration (which they are here).
Generally Inoperable (trackers or sashes painted shut)
Awesome that you found one that actually works…

I found a whole 4800 Sq Ft house of them!