What is wrong with this picture?

:roll: :roll:

Lund-Parker 082.jpg

Nothing you big silly, geesh, the camera is upside down. You uploaded it wrong.

Adults !!!


That’s a gravity assist window.

Latest technology.

Hey the picture quality is great! I just want to know why you were standing on your head when you took it?! :slight_smile:

I believe that is the newest in the “Marie Antoinette” line of privacy windows.

That’s why I was going to stopped drinking before lunch!

Actually if that’s a bathroom, as long as the window is flashed correctly on the outside it’s not a bad way to add ventilation. You can have the top of the window open a couple of inches and still have privacy.

The latch is too high for a child to reach in an emergency? (just a guess)

No, the window is installed upside-down. Right-side up if your standing on your head;-)

In France, it would be referred to as a guillotine :ack:

Charles, You didn’t say when you were going to give the answer!

Window installed upside down.](*,) Spring mechanisms removed to make it easier to move into guillotine position.:shock: Wind driven rain will keep interior of lower sash clean.:smiley: I am guessing it was an attempt at achieving privacy.:oops:

The light fixtures were installed up-side-down?

The sidelight is upside down

which is not hard to spot

Well Charles,
It looks like a typical Seattle area “master carpenter” installation to me!:roll:

David, I think it was a Seattle CMC (Certified Master Carpenter):sarcasm:

Had to have been a CMI.

Certified Master Installer. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

The directions for installation were upside down at the time of installation or they were only written in english.

you were standing on your head??