Help on Florida Proctored Exam


I am taking the Florida proctored exam again next week and need help or direction. I have completed the 120 hours and was doing the practice exam and getting between 94%-100% on a consistent basis so I thought I was totally prepared. I took it and failed because of getting below the percentage on the environmental part, I emailed Internachi and asked for direction on where to look and study on the environmental part and was told All Technical Question go to the Student Forum that’s what it is for, so I am asking for anyone’s help in guidance or direction to study for the environment part, I have gone back and looked through the 120hrs of courses and I don’t really see a whole lot on environment. So any help on where to study would be much appreciated.
Thank You,
Robert A Simmons

You can get a 94% on InterNACHI’s Proctored Florida Exam (approved for licensing) and still fail if the other 6% you answered incorrectly are all in one category. In other words, you not only have to answer enough questions to pass, but you can’t bomb in any one category or you’ll still fail. It’s an awfully smart exam system.

Anyway, the categories (state mandated) for FL are as follows:

Heating & Cooling
Insulation & Ventilation
Wood Destroying
Fireplace & Chimney
Inspection Methods
Professional Practice

The Environment category includes a couple questions on mold and radon which are not separate categories of the exam but which every home inspector (even home inspectors who don’t offer mold or radon services) should be able to speak about.

Take InterNACHI’s free, online mold and radon courses in

I understand that and was getting on the practice exam over 90% on all subjects but when I did the proctored exam I failed the environmental part and was just trying to find out where it is to look so I could study before retaking the exam, I am a disabled Vet and don’t get a lot $ from the army so I want to be more prepared then I thought I was when taking the exam again. I badly want to get back into the work force :). Thank You for directing me to where I can study for that part because as I said on the practice exam I was getting 100% on environment. Thank you Again and hope you are having a Great Day!!

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