Help! Pr*blem with keyb*ard.

Can y*u guess what it is?

Fr sme reasn, the key representing the letter after “n” stpped fucnti*ning last night.

Pssibly I hit sme cmbinatin *f keys that resulted in disabling the keys.

Can any*ne help?

Try System restor . This should put your computer back to where it was at a previous date .

R*y C**ke

Key boards are cheap for the last 20 years we quit repairing them and just replace them.

This a aptop and now the “o” is working but the “etter after k” is acting up. Is my computer trying to gasight me? If so, it is working.


Plug an external keyboard into the laptop (if you have one).

It will tell you if the laptop keyboard is screwed up or the computer itself.

Good idea, I’ try that.

Try pressing control & shift at the same time.
I’ve had similar problems happen on my laptop several times. usually a restart corrected it.
Took me a while to figure out what I was accidently doing to cause this problem. Pressing control then shift at the same time produced this problem. Pressing them again corrected it.

Sounds like someone has been eating crackers over the keyboard again. Try blowing it out with canned air. Or…submerge the whole thing in a bucket of water. The crumbs will soften and stop interfering with the keys.:—)

Things also seem to malfunction for me also on my keyboard once in a while,
and its seemingly caused by my fumble fingered combinations, that produce
the weirdness…

Note: xyz= any fumbled combinations

The INSERT key and xyx will do similar,

as well as the WINDOWS key and xyx…

I usually do a cold reboot of my laptop, and that seems to straighten it out
til next time…

I can help you Joe. Please send your CC # and password to. LOL.

No seriously I can help you.:smiley:

PM me.

Check out Control Panel > Keyboard.

Smash the thing with a hammer and buy a new one, works for me every time


I venture you got something stuck under the keys that is moving around.

A blow job should solve your keyboard problem.

Cans of compressed air are available for this purpose. Keyboards like it like that.

And shame on all of you whose mind went immediately to the gutter.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Some models of the Dell laptops had cheap keyboard connections that tend to oxidize when the laptop gets hot. Their CPX laptop was well known for this problem.

My suggestion is unless the laptop is relatively new (1 to 2 years old), transfer the data to a new laptop. The new models are light years ahead of the older technology.

And as mysteriously as it came, it went away. Check out these o’s and ell’s.

I guess I was just being gaslighted.


My keyboard was pregnant at one time. It kept missing the period. :smiley: