HELP - Template Not Saving

12 years with HG and never had this happen.

I’m changing a template for a Commercial job on Monday and after making butt load of changes to comments, materials, etc … I go to hit the “SAVE T” icon and its greyed out … Finally hit FILE / then Save Template As AND gave it new name and closed it … Reopened AND none of my changes are there.

Done this 3 times and got no clue whats going on



Dan, do you mind if I share this in the HG user group on Facebook?

Try right clicking the hg icon and “Run as administrator” and see if helps. I too use hg for commercial and noticed some irregularities with hg until I did what I noted above

Frank … By all mean YES

Tim … What HG logo and where

The hg logo you would click on to start program. Instead of clicking on it, hover over this and right click while selecting run as administrator.

Dan, one response so far.

“Save template as never functions as actually saving template changes that were created, it’s only to rename a template so that you can reinvented. I would ask him if he has a software open multiple times.”

Join our group, link in my signature, and Shancy can help you. She is the HG guru.

This is Wild … I have a commercial inspection on 3 story bldg tomorrow am. Started making some changes to my commercial template AND before breakfast I made quite a few changes AND the “SAVE T” worked like always. Went out to breakfast, came back turned computer on a**nd all earlier changes to template are there **BUT now when I put something in Template and go to hit “SAVE T” its GREYED out and nothing happens. Been playing with it over 2 hrs AND nothing.

Dan Bowers … / 918-816-0607 if anybody has ideas