Lost template

I had some free time last week because of minor surgery. So I decided to customize a template. It was a template I had used before so it was on my tablet. Well I worked for 3 days customizing and got it just about perfect. I had saved it all along because of the great changes I made. I decided to send it to my tablet so I could check it out there. Well fate took over and I inadvertently hit download template on the main computer instead of upload the template and wham the old template that I had on my tablet over rode the new template and all was lost. Of course HG is not available over the weekend, but I don’t think it matters. I was quite surprised that my tablet could override my computer. Lost all new narratives too. So a word to the wise clear your tablet of templates that you are working on at your computer so you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Was not your tablet, was the cloud that it came back from. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky, as I made my template updates in a report. I was able to open that report, with the changes intact, made one change and saved it as the new template. Then upload to save in the cloud. Do you still have the report that you made the changes in? Might have a chance.

John, try browsing to the file in Windows Explorer. Right click on it and select Previous Versions. You may have multiple save points there that you can then restore.

Hi John,
We do monitor support.homegauge.com over the weekend. More than here actually.
You probably have it in a blank report like Scot suggested. Open up one of the blank reports you were in while making the template and then select File Save template as…and name it. I bet its there unless you delete blank reports regularly.

Also anytime you want to ensure you don’t lose changes upload the blank report you were working in to HG. The template is inside there.

Also, not sure what you do but it is a good idea to rename your template just before doing a lot of work.

Thanks for the information. I don’t save blank reports I just never had any reason to think I should. Why would I rename a template when I am saving everything I do. It just goes against the thought " I am saving everything how could I possibly lose it" Well I have learned a valuable lesson and will no do it again. Thanks again for the replies. John

There is a HG users facebook group and please sigh up as they are always around after HG hours. have you tried the above suggestions so you do not lose all the work you did?

I agree about not saving blanks, but sometimes they stay there for a day or two and I was hoping that was the case.

All is lost. Tried them all explorer didn’t have it. The strangest part was that some changes I made in the global list were lost. Lesson learned. Thanks again, John

When working on a template you should always do a “save as” and give it a different name. This in case you need to revert to an old template at some point. We name our template(main) the year and the version number. Periodically we delete old templates. I have done what you did but since it was a different name it made no difference. My fear is that I have a computer crash while working and the file becomes corrupt. I have almost ten years of modifications into my templates and don’t know what I would do if I had to start over. We have the template on no less than 6 computers and in the cloud.

I’ll be… that might just work for him.

Don’t forget hg back-up, I have never needed it but… Maybe Russ has a copy on the server

Thanks John. I was going to rename it I usually do but I had just renamed it and didn’t think I needed to. I don’t know how often HG backs up or if I have to instigate it. I thought I did when I saved template. Like I said before lesson learned. Its the narratives that I lost that hurt it easy to reconfigure the rest. thanks for you insight.

No. The template stayed on his computer until he apparently overwrote it by bringing down an older template with the same name.

I make most all the templates in HG and I have learned myself that I don’t trust my computer so that is why I upload the blank report I am in to HG which in effect has the template inside it. I do this after every major template changing session. I always rename the template before great changes to eliminate any possible mistakes like selecting the wrong command.

Maybe a safe guard could be developed to help us that don’t do it all the time and sometimes make a mistake. Thanks John

Absolutely. It is in our plans.