Help to answer this e-mail

I recived this e-mail from my web-site and need a good response.

Can i buy a home with a 573 credit score? What are the pros and cons I should be looking out for? Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance. Thank you, Lacey

How should I reply? Should I repy? I would like to help if I can. What would others do?

How’s this for being helpful?

Since I am not a mortgage lender, nor am I a real estate agent, I can’t really answer that question. I could however refer you to an agent and a lender that may. If you would like I could either give you their names, or give them your information and have them contact you.

I would not reply. Probably just a lead in for a scam attempt. If they know their credit score, they should know that a home inspector doesn’t underwrite home loans.

If not the person is too clueless to market to.

Thanks Mark sounds like a good response

If not the person is too clueless to market to.

LOVE IT :lol::lol:

Reply like this…You might make a few bucks.

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If I send you a cashier’s check for $10,000 you can cash it, take your $29.30 and send the rest to my agent who is in Nigeria on a business trip. :slight_smile:

You sure can buy a house with that credit score. All you need is a 100% down payment in cash and there shouldn’t be any problems getting financing.

Two years ago yes. Now no.

Hit delete.

Yes you can. You can’t do it with regular financing, but owner financing can be a option. When the contract is written, it is like writing a short story. You can put anything you want into it and if both parties accept, it can be done.

Back in my Realtor days, I was the selling agent on a unique piece of property (2 homes on 5 acres with 500+ feet frontage on a large salmon creek at boundary). The buyer and spouse both had recent bankruptcies. The down payment was semi-precious stones. About $15k of the most gorgeous cut opals you have ever seen. Owner carried back a first and a second mortgage, sold the first at a discount, kept the second. Property was paid off in 6 years. Everyone was happy.

One size does not fill all. :slight_smile: