NACHI helping NACHI!!

Pop quiz for you… You book an inspection and the client is asking for you to supply them with a Move In Certified sign with the inspection. You, of course, tell them, “not a problem!” You book the inspection for 5 days later and you don’t have a sign. What do you do???

I’ll tell you what you do, you post on the board that you need help and NACHI members come to your aid!!!

A really BIG THANK YOU to ***Mark H Roe of ******BeSure Home Inspection Service ***for helping me out. Mark went out of his way to send me one of his signs by FedEx from Ohio to Florida and made sure I got it in time for the inspection!!! Thanks a lot Mark! I owe you one!!

Way to go Mark! That’s great:D

Good teamwork guys. Way to step up and help another fellow out.

Wow… way to go MARK…!!!

I am glad I was able to help out. This is what InterNachi is all about. Next! :smiley:

Excellent. There’ll be a little something extra in your paypacket next week. :wink:


Mark is a stand up guy who would go WAY out of his way to help someone needing help.

Simply a Great Man, and I am very glad I know him.

Nice going Mark, well done. :slight_smile:

Dale’s not bad either, he’s always good for a bumed smoke when you need one. :wink:

THIS (see above) is NACHI!

Good one, Mark. I’ll take $50.00 of what you owe me :mrgreen:

Thanks guys :mrgreen: Will, I will send it right over to you when Bruce sends it to me. :twisted: