help with age of Lennox

Electric force air:

model: ES2 681-2
serial: A936837

1983 ???
just a guess

That serial number is not matching anything I have in my research for Lennox.

However, if I made an educated guess, I would say January 1993.

I’ll be interested in hearing what the latest edition of Preston’s Guide says about that model number. I have an older Preston’s Guide (although I have no idea where it is right now) and was not sufficiently impressed with it (which could explain why I have no idea where it is) to get the latest edition.

Realtor mentioned that it was original to the house.


Here’s the AC unit, which had a very similar look to the furnace, just a bit weathered from the outdoors.

couldn’t find any manufacturer’s tag on it.

All electric home.

Anyone know what or how old this is?


So there you have it.

January 1993, then.


My current edition of PRESTON’S GUIDE 1965 - 2005, only lists GAS and Oil furnaces.

If memory serves me correctly, I haven’t seen that Lennox design since the late 70’s or real early 80’s. So put it at 25 + years old OR “The HVAC unit although operational, has past its safe economic lifespan. Longterm service should not be anticipated. Budget for replacement in the near future”.

thanks for the help.

seemed to work ok aside from a loose fan belt on the blower of the inside unit.

listed it as a cost deferred item, of course