Help With Electrical Language

Hello, I was looking for some help with identifying these electrical conductors properly.
These conductors come from the Main Panel, travel through the attic and then go outside to the garage where they supply a sub panel.
I was going to recommend a conduit be installed and call them out for not having proper clearance. Approximately 7 feet above ground.
Are these considered electrical feeders or service

Feeder wires need to be in conduit

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It is a feeder if there is a main in the service panel. That whole installation is a mess, I have never seen a double barrel lug kit like that for those type of panels and would think that someone made that one by drilling the bus. I can only imagine what else is wrong.


Lol that’s people do things. If it’s wrong it’s right!

Robert. If there is a main with overcurrent, it looks like, the SE is going into the house instead of SER.

I think someone added a 2 hole lug in place of the single lugs.

Feeder cables. Looks like armature workmanship. Lots to report.

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Agreed! For some reason electrical is something that people think anybody can do when it’s probably the main thing people shouldn’t do!

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