Inspection Fee

Hi everyone, just wondering if you can help with this. I have a client that wants me to inspect a 36,000 sq. ft. building for him. How would you figure the fee for this type of building? Most everything is open ceiling with 1 large store and 9 small ones. This is what did, I took 32000 divided it by 1500 sq ft (because that takes about 3 hrs and cost $350) = 21.33333. So say its 21 times the size of a normal home. So then I took 21 and x it by $350 = $7350.00 does this sound right?? Any help I would appreciate.
Thanks John V

$0.15 to $0.28 /sq.ft. depending on specifics. That is the only quote they would get without a long list of information provided (including photos, on-line listing w/photos, etc.). This is a commercial property, NOT a home inspection!

What kind of stores? How many HVAC units. Like Jeff said too many variables. What is the going rate in your area.

Where are you located?


No, your number does not sound right. A three-man team of highly qualified professionals can easily do this job in eight hours or less. I usually do small buildings like this alone or with the help of a couple specialists who will only be there for a short time. I don’t think it has ever taken me more than a single day to do a 36,000 square foot building. Square footage has very little influence on the time it takes to do a job. It is much more dependent on the client’s needs and the complexity of the building.

Your main competition for this kind of work is likely to be architectural and engineering firms. You would do better to hire someone to do the job and mark it up 15-20%. You would have a much better chance of getting the job.