Help with Radon Certification

Anyone know what IAC2 requires for radon certification? I can’t seem to find anything on the website. Also, anyone know if there are any Canadian regulations regarding certification? Thanks.


Hi Rodney:

The Canadian regulations are currently under study. Health Canada and CMHC have ongoing Focus Group sessions and other meetings trying to determine the proper safe/unsafe levels and the proper protocols for taking samples.

So far nothing has been decided for sure, so any ‘certifications’ you are offered in Canada will not be valid because at the moment it’s a moving target.

Bill Mullen
Sarnia, On.


Bill is correct, with one exception, Health Canada will recognize the NEHA certification exam. Health Canada

Here is a good course provider for Radon ESA

and here is another course provider, vendor, but a good course just the same.

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Thanks guys.

I believe the IAC2 for radon certification is designed to help members by giving them free certification instead of paying for it. For example, I took the NRPP certification course. In order to be certified through them, You also have to send them $ every year. Which I did. However, if you send IAC2 your education certificate, they will certify you for free. So you use the education requirements for the for free certification, but you don’t have to pay for it. (At least that’s what happened with me.)


There is no info on the IAC2 site regarding Radon certification to my knowledge. At least i can’t find it… :frowning:

Send an email to to ask them how to apply.

It doesn’t work. You need to enter a course, and there are no courses listed for radon.

send an email to