Help with Sump question

Need a little help. Did this inspection but have questions about this configuration. There is a Sump I could not open but could see that it was dry and had a cv150 check valve inside. There is a large blue pipe coming from near the sump that go to a check valve. On the same line with the check valve is the meter with valve in between.

See pics and can someone explain?

This is only a WAG, but I think the blue line, which looks like “Blue Max” (which in my area is a major defect) is the main line, just entering near the sump pit. Also, the plumbing configuration looks like the meter may be for a sprinkler system or for watering the yard, some municipalities allow you to do this so you can deduct the extra cost from the sewage cost.

I agree with Kevin, large blue Polybutylene pipe is water main from street.

The home as a sprinkler system. I saw the heads in every room. The pressure guage reads 85 PSI. Isn’t that too high. Also have other pics of the same system. See pics:

I’ve seen the sprinkler pressure over 100. My understanding is that an airbound system will increase the pressure (air is compressible - fluids are not (remember your Holley carburetor rebuild with the bent accelerator pump linkage)). All you can comment is that it be checked by a licensed fire sprinkler installer. You might also caution the buyer to not use the valve and spigot under the gauge. That is for sprinkler system testing only.

Yes there is a tag on that valve. I believe it said “Do not Turn Off”.
But this raises some other questions: How can the blue pipe be PB when the home is only 7 years old. The entire block of houses are new. I just do not expect to see PB in a new house. Couldn’t this something other than PB?

If the house is 7 years old then the pipe in question is most likely Polyethylene and therefore not a problem.

Likely Blue PEX.

OK. Now it all makes sense. Thanks.

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