Sump Pump!

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Call the fire department. How did they find out the valve was improplerly installed? Could have happened after you left? Could not be much to fix. Offer to pay half, and get another inspection from the agent if he/she has a good relationship with you. Sometimes we bite the bullet, and go on to the next one.

I don’t operate under your SOP and I told you to have all plumbing related items tested by a qualified professional because the water was off to the home. Who did you use and what did they say? It appears you should be asking that person. You did follow my recommendation, right?

In my area, sump pumps are in many instances, installed in a crawl space, with limited access, and would not be fun to try and haul a 5 gallon bucket of water. Usually check, does the pump turn on when float raised, if so call it good!
Never gave a thought as to checking the “check valve”, but in my area, there usually is some ground water to test, and many sumps were installed by the home owner, and check valves was an expense they avoided. Now, you have brought up a point I never thought of, if water is availavble. and pump works as intended, BUT, there is no check valve, am I on the hook??

This is a tough one, I don’t believe you were neglegant in your inspection, this is a gray area, but on a cost/benefit basis, you live in a small town, it might be better to bite it, just for customer relations.

So, I put this up to the crack nachi team, to advise/solve this delema.

We are not required to determine the effectiveness of check valves. However I would suppose that if we notice that there isn’t a check valve, we should probably report it.

Guess if no water available to check, then inspect correct valve installation. Most valves have “arrows” or “in”/“out” stamped on their valves. But then, it is our responsibility to inspect for “correct installation”?? Guess so!

If it was installed incorrectly, how the heck did it ever pump out any water, when no water was present at the time of inspection??