Plumbing question

I am performing an inspection on this property and want to be sure what I’m looking at. I am familiar with the pressure tank. My question is about the plumbing above the tank. Can someone give me some insight. I’m guessing it is a saltless water softener.
Thank you

Attached is the pic.


the small blue one over the water heater? looks like just an expansion tank to me…I cant make out the stuff over the well water pressure tank.

Ditto. Almost looks like a by-pass with a reverse osmosis system, but again it’s looks to be missing components if that is the case. Need good close-up pics of the system.

Looks like a water meter with a remote reader and a bypass.

Why would there be a meter on a private well, kinda looks like a pressure regulator and bypass but then again why would you need a pressure regulator when there is a pressure switch to shut the pump off

Need better pic

This is why I mentioned an RO system…



Because sometimes water comes down the street long after the well was installed.

How long have you been inspecting?:stuck_out_tongue:

I have also seen shared well installations where the meter could me used to monitor the other properties water use.

That appears to be a new pressure tank. I would ask you how long you have been inspecting but I forgot you don’t inspect from your basement:p

Trickle system?

And your view is better from Hicksville?

Face it. You had no clue.

I have no clue because I can not see the pic but you were just guessing also and it was not even a good guess???

Well you farmers probably aren’t well aquatinted with city water when it comes to the burbs.

Get some new glasses if you can’t see.

No need to get personal about Charlie!

can somebody explain to me how the well water pressure tank works?

Start here…

They have a rubber bladder inside the tank that is inflated with air that fills a portion of the tank. The pressure switch monitors the well pump discharge into the tank which around here is normally set @ 40 to 50 PSI and turns the pump off. When tank pressure decreases to preset pressure the pump re activates. The pump pressure switch operates in the same manner as a air compressor switch

I have seen well water set ups just wasn’t positive how the operated, thanks guys. My dad has well water and I tried to study it. If I get a picture of it and put it on this forum tomarrow night could you guys explain it to me, I know about it but not very knowledgable with it

I would say it has both well and city water . bypass valve . expansion tank on water heater . Pressure tank for the well . Some people use the well to save money.