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Inspected the interior of this home and found many workmanship problems. From inside the crawlspace a mfg. homes frame is seen in the front section with front and rear freestanding additions constructed adjacent which provides the interior/exterior partition walls. There has been a gable roof added and siding installed that gives the appearance of a fully constructed home. Overlook all the deficiencies and give me your opinion how to classify this dwelling. I classified it as a manufactured home with permenant additions on the front and rear. The realtor/seller states that its not a mfg. home and has been appraised in the past without being classified as a mfg. home. Bank financing is the problem.

So, if the mfg. homes walls/roof was removed and the steel framing/joists were used a a portion of the sub structure, would this still not be a mfg home? Your opinions will be appreciated and helpful.

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Sure looks manufactured to me. Adding additions does not change the nature of the main structure in any jurisdiction I know about.

I think describing what you see is the way to go. :wink:

Sounds like he wants your report to state it’s not a manufactured home. :roll:

It is not your problem that there may be financing problems with his hybrid construction.

You are correct CYA. It still is a manufactured home Roy Sr

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Steven, this is an interesting and confusing area. The home certainly started out as a manufactured home (or mobile home if built prior to 1976 HUD regulations) and yoiur report should indicate such. However some states allow a manufactured home sitting on deeded land to transfer from a vehicle type title to a real property deed, I do not know if your state is one of those.

The fact remains that the home in parts at least is a mobile/manufactured and as such many banks will not lend on those especially if it is over 20 years old. Also the question is how does the city or county view it and was any of the work done under permit?

I would bet that it is still classed as a mobile home for tax purposes, and I would suggest that the client does some digging down at city hall.

I can see the realtor wanting to fight you over it as they probably have no deal due to the financing issues.



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Just wasn’t sure if utilizing only the sub structural framing/platform as a part of the complete structure would still classify this as a manufactured home.

I pulled up the tax records and it is not classified as a mfg. home but as a single family residence. Just like any other home!

Sure appreciate your input.


Steven, were you able to pull up the tax records on the computer without going to the trouble of going to where the records were actually kept? If so how?


Sorry, posted the link without an explanation. This site used to be free but now charges $48/year and is well worth it. I usually have all the info, sq.’, age built, etc, prior to inspecting the home. Great tool.

FWIW< zillow shows my house way back in the woods behind some other houses on the other end and wrong side of my street although when I look up my mother in laws house(two houses down) I can clearly see my house right where it belongs. The tax values for each are off by about $100,000

I have found that most…many counties across the US have an online database that is run by their County Assessor / Treasurer / or whoever is in charge of the property vaules / taxation. Some are very simple to search, like Boulder County. ( some can be more of a pain in the rear.

They are a wealth of knowledge. Many will also offer searches for registered documents (deeds, liens etc) by name. You just have to look.


Yeah! Thank you Stephen! -Kent