in desperate need of help

I am currently selling my home and there seems to quite an argument between realtor and lenders as to whether my home is a mobile home or a modular home? It is a 1975?Travelo Log Mark 2 built to the original owners specs. There are no chassis and the floor joists are 2 x 6. I have not been able to find a title for it or a vin # and we were not asked for it when we purchased it.Any input you can give me to help them decipher which it is would be much appreciated! I need to sell my home soon and lenders are quite fickle as I am sure you are aware.
We are in the state of PA

Thanks you for that info however; my home was built in 1975 apparently and they are not as easily distinguished. my home has no tie downs, it is on a cement slab foundation with a crawl space, the floor joists are 2 x 6 and there is no record of ANY Vin # or HUD label ever being on this home. Is there maybe 1-2 items as an inspector you can recommend I check for me to help disseminate this for our realtor we need to sell soon due to jobs.
Thanks so much!