Help with Vinyl to Stone Veneer Transition & Install

Hello All,

My name is Matt - from MA and thank you for taking the time to read this. My first post on this site, I have found other info that was valuable so decided to sign up.

I greatly appreciate your help and look forward to the feedback, so thank you.

Well… Here goes.

I have an underneath garage attached to my cape that has a paved driveway with a retaining wall on either side (the pavement grades wonderfully downhill away from the house). To the left and right of the single garage door are framed/sheathed/sided and was not previously done correctly so I had water able to infiltrate.

What I want to do is redo the framing (use PT) and the trim with (PVC) and prep to install stone veneer in the spring. I am looking to use this stone (Square & Rectangular | Boston Blend | Stone Veneer | New England |

Picture 1 gives you an idea of what I am dealing with - picture 2 shows the rough proposal.

Shared album - Matthew Caparso - Google Photos

Shared album - Matthew Caparso - Google Photos

As you can see what I want to do is bring stone up from the ground (2" up from the pavement) and come up and out over to the sides of the poured concrete foundation (staying both 3/8" from the new pvc trim and 3/8" all around from the retaining walls (I will use the 3/8"backer rod and caulking in those spots after).

Some questions:

  1. (After i make sure i clean up the house wrap behind the vinyl) I plan to transition from vinyl to stone using some type of metal flashing to the sill stone/water table. What kind of metal flashing can I use? Anyone have anything specific I can go buy by name? I looked at roof edge flashing, but it is backwards for what I am trying to do. Any idea what this person used? Questioning Siding to Stone transition
  2. Looking at a sill/water table piece like this: Csa Ws Gray - Watertable And Sill - Cultured Stone - Stone - Boral USA
  3. My thoughts were to put up concrete board and paint with Laticrete MVIS Air/water barrier and also apply that barrier to the edge of the foundation (above the retaining walls) i plan to put stone on. Making sure to caulk the areas that have gaps between the concrete board and the retaining walls. Is this reasonable? (I really hope so as I have already got the concrete board up!)
  4. Do I need some type of weep screed? After reading the laticrete instructions I assume not, but i’m not sure.
  5. What do i do with the J channel piece on either side of the vertical wall? I will have a small ~4" piece on either side where the first course of siding is. Can I just dead end it into the metal flashing above the sill water table?

These are my major questions for now - I will be very very grateful for your time and help! Thank you and look forward to chatting.

Personally, I would never consider a project like that for that location. Other than the amount of work involved for such a small surface area, I honestly believe it will be fraught with repeated repairs over the years. It also looks as if a larger door (9 or 10 ft) was removed and a ‘single’ (8 ft) was installed. I would go back to the larger size door and run the vinyl all the way down, or simply the trim itself. If you really have to have the faux stone, hire a competant stone mason vs a “siding guy”.
Good luck.

hey Jeff - I appreciate the response - thank you! Also - open to other ideas… honestly after walking around the hardware store and also reading online about stone (MVMA) I am starting to arrive at a similar point. this project is a bit much for that simple area)

I dont believe there was ever a larger door there. attached to those pieces of plywood sheathing was just vinyl which i saved (no house wrap or anything).

If I were to just clean that up and put the vinyl back up - what is the right way to hang it? How would I attach the J channel above the retaining walls (since there will be no vinyl to the left and right on the foundation?) Is that were I can use a under-sill piece mounted vertically to that foundation wall?

I circled the spots in the picture: Shared album - Matthew Caparso - Google Photos

again, very grateful and open to other options. I really just want to fix this so i dont have to do it again (clearly it was done wrong before)

thank you

Everything you need to know about Manufactured Stone should be here.

That is a small door the the header to sag, and should be looked at.

You will need qualified people to do this work. It is not a DIY project.

Thanks for the note… at this point I am trying to understand the correct way so that I can be informed.

Not sure that header is sagging… perhaps what you are seeing is an artifact of the top trim board that was just covered with a wavy piece of vinyl…

what is my best option to finish this area off? is it just put vinyl siding back?

hey Matt
my experience
understanding the correct way & finding someone that will install the “bumpy stucco” correctly are universes apart
a competent carpenter/siding installer should be able to knock that out in a day or less using other materials as long as there is no structural member damage & may even be able to if there is
just assure and have them educate you on how they plan on flashing-sealing all vertical as well as horizontal transitions & intersections with same or dissimilar materials
caulk is not a permanent WRB & seems to be 1 of the most misused products available to man
bring their plan back here & someone will have an opinion
good luck