Questioning Siding to Stone transition

Siding around windows and top of front, meeting a stone weatherledge, with stone veneer below.

Behind entire front has Tyek house wrap.

Between the siding and stone transition:

Siding with J-Channel at Bottom.

Behind siding is a 4 inch drip cap. Drip cap has flashing tape where nailed, where it meets house wrap.

Right below that drip cap is where the weather ledge was installed. In some spots, lifting up the drip cap you can see the house wrap. I checked a few other houses on the street, and they were done the same way.

Does there need to be caulk where i can see the house wrap under the drip ledge? On top of the stone sill behind the drip edge. If I do, what kind of caulk needs to be used?

Does anything else look like it needs attention? Entire house had stone on front, which was just ripped off two months ago due to windows leaking at the top in wind driven rain, even though flashing was used. I made them put siding around the windows so water would not get trapped. I’m just trying to avoid any water penetration.