Non Member Moderation

So I am new at being a non member. I discovered I can’t reply or post to anything in the MISC section and don’t know why, but I would love to talk about the non member moderation, so I’ll do it here.

I have been a part of this org for a couple years, and enjoy the tech sections, especially the indoor air quality section where I have extensive training, so I hope we don’t get trigger happy with the non-member deletions. I went from being a member who questioned some of our relationships to a non member (booted in the middle of said questioning) with little or no rights, and am now subject to immediate and possibly unjustified moderation. If I had been debating with anyone else, I am sure the thread would have continued and I would still be a member. (As a side note, I was not planning on renewing, but that is not an attempt at bashing, just a fact brought on by my concern about certain affiliations.) This is where I believe a grudge will out weigh a competent decision. I hope this doesn’t happen, but obviously as non-member now, not much I can do. My dissent is brought on only by my concern of looking out for existing members, and certain recommendations I don’t feel are in our best interest. But free speech is all about expressing one’s opinions, positive or negative.

So go nuts with the moderating, hopefully the board can become what I wished it always had been. Because another reason for not renewing is the embarrassing posts by obviously bitter non-members, which are viewable by any outsider. But please consider some of us have been involuntarily removed, and can continue to contribute positively, so deleting any post by a non-member out of membership bias would be very frustrating.

Any non-member, in my opinion, does not need to post on this message board. If so, I suggest limiting comments to three lines per post. Perhaps give them their own place on the board. Reading would be allowed, but no, or at least, limited posting. Just my opinion. Pay to play.

Nick was an opponent of all moderation under any circumstances…until he started losing his arguments.

He has deleted at least two threads where it was revealed that he/NACHI was taking money from vendors and using at least one convicted felon as a go-between. We all saw that.

Then…as a third thread turned harshly against him and he could not lie his way back into the members’ graces…he stripped two members (Will and Dylan) of their memberships.

Now…suddenly and for unexplained reasons…the posts by (wink) Ray Wand that target his usual enemies with slanderous lies are bothersome to Nick. Thus…a firing squad of up to twelve members … intentionally unmanageable … will ensure that the board is clear of dissension.

While 12 people…each not knowing what the other is doing…is busy deleting “obscene” slanders from a rowdy Canadian or two…a mysterious 13th person will be deleting posts that get to close to revealing the agenda of Gromicko Brothers’ Enterprises, Inc.

One thing is for sure…this is a very proud day for Brian Hannigan and Mike O’Handley and Nick is forced to adopt their philosophy.

The NACHI experiment has not failed, though. It succeeded. What failed was the man who thought he could lead by hyperbole and never be accountable.

There are many non-members that do a great service especially in the specialty threads. Whether it is plumbing, electrical or hvac, their comments can be quite lengthy and very informative. No need to cut your nose off to spite your face.

It was a bad evening to see Dylan and Will both get thrown out for comments that would be considered mild compared to the rantings and ravings that were made by our former member to the north that were allowed to go on for weeks.

Continue to let them post but the anti Nachi and personal attacks should cease unless they are defending themselves. If the likes of Dan Harris and Brian MacNeish want to continue with helpful posts, great. If they just want to bash, sayonara.

Ditto, this seems like a sledge-hammer to crack a few nuts!!

I hope posts don’t get deleted to satisfy a personal vendetta…

That would eliminate half of the post, which the majority are positive.

It looks like the non-member’s abuse of forum is about over.

The fact the James Bushart has continually slandered everyone, falsified facts, along with continual whining has once again shown that his close friendship with Joe Boy Fartsetta speaks volumes. What is even more of a concern is appointing moderators who are on the ESOP. Strange is it not that James has been able to do what he criticizes everyone else for calls for their execution while he as a non member is given carte blanc! When is JB going to be called to account? But this is JB repertoire of abuse. No one knows more about fair play than the hypocrite himself.

Remember if you want ethics, integrity, knowledge, without the bickering go to Inspection News. Its non partisan because its not association based.


Nick just locked me out as a guest. No more posts or reply’s…

Much success to all…


I would offer to moderate - but than I would have to censor myself!

I nominate my buddie BK as board moderator:)

Waiting for additional information guys.

Maybe more later.

Jeez!!! Am I going to have to “Pay to Bash”. Damn, where’s that free membership I was offered a few months ago???

Pay-to-play! Pay-to-Learn! Pay-to-bash! Pay-to-??? What’s next?

Getting pretty close to the line, mikey…Click!!! you’re gone!!!

Did they commit an ethics violation?

I am not aware of any COE actions toward either.

Yeah!! They made comments on the way the place is being run!