Open forum

I thought this inspection foreign was supposed to be open to all home inspectors whether they were members or not

Non-members are still moderated and must await the process.

I understand that. But why are certain posts put on the board and then removed the next day? And why no feedback as to why they were removed?

Because some a s s has been assigned Forum Nazi and is doing stuff like that and moving things wherever they see fit. They won’t fess up who they are either. Scaredy cat Like we could do anything anyhow he or she has the blessing of the Godfather

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Become a member and you’ll find out…maybe.

Only non-members’ posts are moderated.

I realize that Nick. But why remove them once they are up and already responded to by others. What are you afraid of.

We don’t. We might move them to the NFE section if it isn’t something for the public to see or if it might harm a member. Or we might move it for housekeeping purposes to its correct forum section. When you walk into a hardware store or a grocery store or a library, things are in order, no?

I disagree Nick, you deleted both of our last posts in another topic…I’m not even sure why, we were being civil and having a very productive and informative conversation.

You’re a non-member. We might delete all your posts some day. This message board is open to non-members, but non-members have no rights whatsoever. Sure, as long as your posts aren’t disparaging to InterNACHI or InterNACHI members, they’ll get through the moderators. But I don’t really care what non-members think or say. Sorry, I just don’t. InterNACHI is by far the biggest and by far the best inspection trade association on earth and we didn’t get here by caring about what non-members think or say.

I would expect no less, but you made false statements in reference to how and who started your organization. I know how it all started…the CMI program and the original intent of internachi. I know the people involved and how things went down. You may be the largest…so is Walmart…but your definitely not the best, how would one even determine that?

OK. How do you think InterNACHI started and who do you think started it?


You do not seem to care what I had to say about moving my posts either…

But then again it is your party and you are the King so Rock it your way.

If I were you I would do it my way as well )

He who owns and creates earns the rights to do things THEIR way.

When I create something this big and profitable I will do it my way as well.

You often don’t notice it unless it is a thread you started, but InterNACHI staff moves threads around all day. If we didn’t, we’d have threads about California in the Oklahoma forum and threads about electrical issues in the roofing forum. It would be a mess. Our job is to make sure our members to have an enjoyable experience every time they visit their message board. It’s also why we don’t sell any banner ads.

So in your opinion which home inspector organization is the best? I sure hope you’re not going to say ASHI.

Nick does what he feels is best for Nick.
Who would NOT do the same?

I would not respect him otherwise because that would make him a fool.

As an UNMODERATED MEMBER I want my stuff where I FEEL it will get the most
responses and reads.

And you wouldn’t get any “responses or reads” if InterNACHI’s message board was unpopular, moderated, disorderly, and polluted with banner ads (no offense to our competing forums out there that have almost no visitors), because there would be no one here. InterNACHI’s message board is popular for many reasons. We work hard to make sure our members have an enjoyable, informative, educational, fun experience every time they visit their message board. 42,360 registered users and 18 million+ unique visitors can’t be wrong!

Why would you think you should get the same treatment as the members who pay for this forum get.
You pay nothing and complain about our forum
Seems to me you are not thinking correctly.
Regardless if Nick made false statements just what business is it of your s.
Why not join and help all