Here Are Some Freebies that Inspectors Should NEVER Give Out

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Tom Feiza’s “How to Operate Your Home” is a good book! Illustrations are simple and concise and don’t have little Nick characters on every page (or little Tom Feiza either).

Would an engineering firm give out a book with that cover?

Last time I looked we’re Home Inspectors. Never try to be something you’re not.

Personally I liked his older black and white cover (circa: 2003). The advantage is it was only 95 pages, black and white, paper cover, staple binding and three hole punched. Lots of illustrations and twin column printing throughout.

A homeowner just wants to know the basics. When they ask you for the time they don’t want to know how to build a watch. The “extras” that give your book a ‘prettier finish’ aren’t worth the added cost for a giveaway book. IMHO

I agree with Bob, Tom Feiza’s articles were the only reason I read the ASHI Newsletter. You should really come up with something close to that. What you put out every month is like one big commercial. Little or no actual information in it.

I would love Kenton to come up with PROFESSIONAL illustrations that depict information that a Homebuyer would actually like to see, like the Carson Dunlop “Illustrated Home” Jpeg download.

This is what is the stuff that is in interNachi’s “Now that you have had a Home Inspection in Florida”

Not helpful and confusing to the Reader…an Icepick!!! wtf

It should say use an Awl.

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I honestly wouldn’t know how to inspect a deck without an ice pick or awl.

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But the homeowner isn’t going to be inspecting their deck. That’s what the home inspector was hired for.

Correct. Our images are primarily for inspectors to use. And our books aren’t designed to provide information to homeowners. The world has google for that. They are designed to add weight (thump value) to the customized cover so that the book anchors the inspector’s contact information to the homeowner’s book shelf (Americans don’t throw out books), so that when the homeowner is trying to remember your phone number when recommending you to a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or relative who needs an inspection, they know where to find it. Books without custom covers that include your inspection company’s logo, website, phone number, etc… are a waste of trees.

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