Here the Kansas Draft, does it look familiar?

This is the draft that the KAREI group is pushing in the name of ALL inspectors in Kansas. This was presented to the KAR at a very recent meeting. All under the guise of, we’re working for the inspectors. Read it very carefully. They have your BEST interests a heart, ka-ching!


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Last Saturday I attended a supposed state home inspectors meeting for the purpose of determining whether inspectors in Kansas were going to lay down and let the Realtors walk on them or stand up for themselves.

Seems the Realtors want to push a Bill on us and they have certain wants from HI’s - such as mandatory E&O, removing our ability to limit our liability by use of a limited liability clause, and other things.

The group putting on the meeting whose BOD are ASHI members except for 1 radon inspector, said they invited all 200-250 home inspectors in the state. Only 22-23 people showed up there, of which 16-17 were ASHI and the rest were NAHI and NACHI. It was an apathetic show at best.

I’m disgusted that so many people don’t seem to care about their own business.

I couldn’t attend this years ASHI sponsered state association (KAREI) meeting due to health reasons, but did attend last year and by the sounds of it, it was the same as last year, very few KAREI members attending and of course the Pres of the board had a few negative comments about NACHI to put it mildly. This State group is ASHI period and they do not have any intent to represent every home inspector as they claim to do by thier actions and words. It would be a crime that the inspectors of Kansas and those who work in Kansas would let this group control who can and can’t work in Kansas. Basically the bill they proposed was written by the Kansas Association of Realtors (KAR) with a few words changed, but its a realtor proposed bill period no matter how you look at it and sponsered by a ASHI controlled group. I have not renewed my membership in this organization (KAREI) and have joined a pro-active group that truely will represent the Kansas Inspector (KARCI), I believe that this group will truely represent the Kansas inspector and I strongly encourage each inspector that works in the State of Kansas look into this organization and fight off this ASHI sponsered group (KAREI) bill proposals. Kansas Inspectors do not be apathic and think someone else will take care of it, join the fight and do something about it before its too late, its your livelyhood.

Hey…it’s not an original idea, but perhaps Quantrill was on to something. How about some of us Missouri boys come over to the next Kansas ASHI meeting…with six-shooters…

LOL… maybe we could convince them to have their next meeting in Lawrence and you guys could duplicate the massacre and rid this state of ASHI:twisted: :slight_smile:

Not a problem…(spit)…pahdner! Just point the bad boys out to us…me and ol’ Bloody Bill will take it from thahr.