Here We Go Again, Neutral and Grounds on same Bus Bar

IM sure this is wrong but I wanted to check with some experts. This 100 Amp secondary distribution panel in outside on a covered patio, its wired with grounds and neutral on the same bus bar, wrong or not ? Commercial wiring make a difference ?DSCN1794 DSCN1795 DSCN1796

Where was the pictured panel in relationship to the service panel? remote building or the same as the the service panel?

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Remote building, outside covered patio

A panel in/on a separate structure requires a grounding electrode system. I don’t see a bonding jumper (green screw) to the enclosure.


Answer to second question-No


Do you have a picture of the service panel? did the green wire originate from the service panel? if it did, it’s a 4-wire feeder and needs to have the neutral separated from the ground. Then, like Robert mentioned, a grounding electrode installed/connected.

I didn’t see the thick ground wire in ether pane, but there was another panel in an add on officeDSCN1809 DSCN1812![DSCN1961|640x480]THE OTHER SUB-PANEL (upload://pXcy0Pio9tcpshvu51FmkflVY79.jpeg) DSCN1960

Did you see any grounding rods near the remote panel/subpanel or where the green may have originated from? if not, then I would have an electrician determine this and correct accordingly. If the green wire does not go back to the service panel but instead, and in fact connects to a separate grounding electrode system, then using the pre 2008 NEC exception you can use 3-wire feeder as long as there are no metallic paths back to the main building… you then have to make sure that remote panel is bonded to neutral (not separated). Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: