Here's 1 good reason why home inspectors, realtors + should not recommend interior drainage system shysters

Warren MI, poured basement walls 3 leaky areas, some mold

inside basement view

outside, where the water 1st (umm that’s the key word eh, 1st) enters

interior drainage system companies are NOT doing any water tests baby, ZIP!

So they’ll come over and tell you that you need their crooked Int drainage system and likel a sump pump. Some may be okay putting in a partial system but quite a few will try and tell you that you’d be better off LOL with a full perimeter system,

THEN of course most of these nitwits will cover most or all of the basement wall inside the basement with ‘BRIGHT wall paneling’ lol or a dimpled membrane so you don’t see the incoming water, possible mold n so on… and for how much money?

So recommending 1 or more INT system jerk offs would NOT be good for this homeowner and many more i have helped with same, similar problems… they don’t need any waterproofing and they certainly don’t need a shyster drainage system, just need some tuckpointing or new B window and so on.

Putting in a drainage system would NOT stop the water from it is 1st entering!!! smh

Homeowners would be much better off hiring a home inspector (who is not in bed with an Int system crook eh) to properly identify their problem(s), run a water test as i do when need be

can some put 2 n 2 together or is this too much for a few, huh? :rofl::rofl::wink::wink: