Interior basement drainage systems are a scam, bowed in wall, leaky basement

Driveway side block basement wall, homeowner recently bought house, leaks, an idiot already installed an INT drainage system $15,000… well why is basement still leaking! lol

Multiple exterior cracks in block wall and other openings allowed water in basement, had NOTHING to do with a supposed need (LIE) for better drainage or hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor

Those cracks etc have been there a long time, well BEFORE the inside system chump scammed the sellers

Clay soil and some underground tree roots and possibly a couple of settled driveway slabs caused the problems so, why would any legit, honest waterproofing contractor NOT inform homeowners of this and then tell them there is ONE fix, exterior waterproofing, NOT an INT system that cost MORE $$$, shtttttttttttttttt, $15,000 for the INT system versus just under $3,000 to waterproof the exterior of wall in one day, get outta Dodge bi ch

Here’s a view of the inside system and drive side wall

Here’s an UNBIASED link and information on what to do with cracked, bowed in basement walls
Pages, 6 and 7

In part they say, ‘Based on application submissions and project reviews the most successful repair method for damaged foundation walls… is to REMOVE and replace the clasy soil with sand or gravel and waterproof the exterior of wall…’

They do not say LEAVE the clay soil, roots etc against the wall and install an interior basement system and wall anchors
They do not say leave the clay soil etc against the wall and install an INT system and some carbon fiber straps.
They do not say to leave the exterior cracks in basement wall…OPEN and allow further water to enter
They don’t tell you to install a wimpy shallow exterior french drain

Damproofing VERSUS waterproofing, there’s a BIG difference, some here don’t understand this lol

There’s also a big difference in what one uses as backfill against a basement wall

see lol, non members, guests, there are about 10 or so home inspectors here who sometimes reply and acknowledge the truth, facts on basement waterproofing, leaky basements, mold n efflorescence, bowed in basements walls, so most here including their leaders never acknowlegde the many cheats in this business - they know how to SPIN sht though

they don’t tell their clients to find and identify how-where the water is getting in and instead often tell you to do dumb sht like raise and slope the grade or add 1 mile long downspout extensions, well those are stupid incompetent things to say to people who are selling, buying a house. So i’ll likely catch some more SPIN crap from some just for saying that lolll.

and notice on poured wall cracks, many here tell people it’s fine to get an epoxy injection instead of ext-waterproofing, the LEAST costly fix = weak sht again, maybe for some HI’s it’s a , ‘i better push go for epoxy injections because the realtors who recommend me, use me, PAY Me thing’, don’t want seller to pay a lil more for the best, longest-lasting fix.

epoxy injections lolll, 40 yrs doing this sht and around 50% of these injections will last, 50% do not, well i’m not recommending or going to do a 50% lasting fix 4 people who are looking for the truth and want the best repair. Duh why do ya think those who do injections keep trying to come up with better epoxies, better ways to do cheap sht from the inside? lolll well one reason is, what they’ve attemtped and done for many years does NOT last! hahaha smgdh

yep making friends on Nachi board is fun n easy!

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Baement waterproofers are a scam. Recently had one of the realtors bring in a basement waterproofing company same day to assess water and moisture coming into condo.
Other end of home basement walls had been previously reinforced with steel beams and sub floor drains replaced with a sealed radon sump. Both codos had had concrete and plumbing updated recently. Soil at foundation had been dug up to run pvc piping and displaced soil was replaced with gravel below grade at foundation. There were holes and cracks at foundation along with the obvious areas of gravel near foundation… I was making my recommendations when waterproofer states dont worry about exterior holes, cracks or grading they have nothing to do with it. I walked away and continued my inspection. To say I was furious is an understatement. I met later with the realtor and did not change anything on my report. Stopping the water is from entry is number one not controlling flow inside.

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I do not disagree. However, at one time back in the day they could serve a purpose.

I have an anecdotal story.

My mother, 20 years age was 60 yrs old. She had a leaky basement on an old 1970 CMU block foundation.

I remember it clearly. The foundation contractor told her “the correct fix is from the outside. I will need to excavate the front and side of the home and install drainage, water proofing sealant, plug cracks and gravel back-fill.”

Or, “I can install an interior gutter along the bottom of the wall and let it drain to the back yard (no sump pump).”

The interior fix was about half the price. She asked, “will it last until I die?” He said “nope, because you are going to live to 100, it will last until you are about 80”.

He was right and honest. She took the cheaper route and now the interior system has failed. She doesn’t mind, because she has outlived the interior system. :laughing:

I just wish @manderson7 worked in GA so she could get it done right once and for all for a fair price.

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same sad azz sht

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the interior basement drainage system jerk offs do NOT dig aka excavate, they do not remove any clay soil OFF-of basement walls, they do not remove any possible tree roots off basement walls and don’t remove settled concrete slabs or porch footings off basement walls… the above causes many walls to BOW IN, crack… leak! sheesh loolll

UNBIASED article on DAMAGED foundation walls, unlike what is splattered all over the internet, youtube, FB, google etc

PAGES 6 and 7… what do they try and inform homeowners on how to deal with a bowed in basement wall??? Sheesh sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOoooo many do NOT get-it, don’t understand what they should (INT system wimps including empty beer can man)… what THESE companies do is, what is best for THEM!!! smgdh

Pages 6 and 7, in part, "Based on application submissions and project reviews the MOST successful repair method is… remove (that means DIG), and replace clay soil with sand or gravel and waterproof the exterior of the basement wall…’

They don’t tell to leave the clay soil, roots etc against these walls and instead install an INT basement system and wall anchors or carbon fiber straps!!! Knock friggging knock

Some don’t get this, BOWED IN walls have EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging so why in this fading republic would YOU leave the exterior cracks in basement walls OPEN which allows water penetration through the damn wall! smgdh

Some ENGINEERS do NOT get this as they recommend carbon fiber straps and an INT system for bowed in basement walls!!@#@@@##@#!!

Enginner said in part, ‘Chronic long term water PENETRATION through block wall led to extensive deterioration and crumbling of at least one course of block… the disintegrating block gave way…’

well duh, installing interior basement drainage systems and sump pumps do not ever STOP water penetration through walls, or above some basement walls through tuckpointing/caulking etc needs, that is why many of these scam artists will cover–hide part or most of the interior of basement wall w/ a dimpled membrane or plastic or vinyl etc

and yet building inspectors and realtors and some home inspectors think installing this BS is friggin fine, UN-----rrrrrrrreal, incompetent sht = truth man

There is MONEY to be made by those who recommend INT basement systems to unknowing homeowners, buyers, sellers… whether it’s realtors or some home inspectors, they get kickbacks $$$ from some of the INT system chumps companies, so do some city building inspectors.
It is in their best interest, those who recommend INT systems, not in the best interest of the homeowners who got scammed and it all continues and few notice or care about those homeowners getting scammed out of many thousands so in case some hadn’t noticed i’m gonna bark until i’m dead or i get gallons of continous milk.