Bloomfield Hills, egress window leaks, vertical crack, rod holes, some mold

the interior drainage system morons would likely have removed only the bottom 1-2’ of drywall under-around window in order to slap on their ‘bright wall plastic crap’, ya dig? They’re not interested in finding a homeowners actual leak (s) and then fixing it correctly, nah, that would be too much to ask from the self-proclaimed experts

FINDING the homeowners actual problems/reasons on why they are getting water in basement in numerous areas

Homeowners moved several things (cabinets etc) in order for us to SEE aka lol identify their problems and drywall guys are removing some drywall in order to get a better view of the leaks under and around the egress window (there could have been a crack in wall under window or to the left - another reason for the need to be able to SEE the dang area behind drywall)

Found some leaky deteriorating rod holes and other openings/gaps on exterior of window which is where the water is first entering, caused some mold on wall, insulation, carpet etc. Did a water test with a hose n showed homeowners WHERE the water was first entering.
NOTE- they would ONLY see water on floor, where bottom of wall and floor meet, then it would soak the carpet.

i was able to push the ENTIRE window OUT------side lol with one, count em, one Bubba-Milk finger

quick view of the outside of this area

do you want to find and FIX your problems correctly in order to STOP water, mold etc or, you rather install an interior drainage system and another sump pump and play water-diverting games inside which will cost you MORE money?

This dig is 9’ deep so eat your wheaties before coming to work fella’s