Here's a sticky one

So you’ve got a handful of loyal realtors who recommend you to all of their clients. You go to buy a new home. How do you choose who to work with in such a well networked industry without pissing anyone off and potentially losing referrals?

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Simple, let the home decide… use the LA in a Dual Agency capacity.
Yup, that means you need to locate the home on your own, but small price to pay as most realtors would piss me off with their ‘realtor speak’ as we went home to home anyway!


You know how they work. Hire the one whom you believe will best represent you, then keep quiet about your new home.


I’m with Chuck, Robert. You know who you would trust the most to represent you in you r purchase. And, don’t bring it up while you are out and about amongst agents.

You know who! :smile:

Just did this.
Sold an investment property two weeks ago and also purchased a new home to live in last week. (Selling my personal residence to a family member - no realtor involved)
I used two realtors I trust that recommend me.
Then, as mentioned above, don’t advertise it when talking with other realtors.

Just get your real estate sales license. Lol

That’s been a thought lately.

Need to finish up this drone course so I can get that out of the way first. It’s just so fooking boring!!! All I want to do with the thing is look at overly uncomfortable to walk roofs. Lol…

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I was wondering how the coures was. Is it the FAA course that’s boring? Approximately how long does it take?

Numbers and memorization don’t play well with my A.D.D. I get bored easily.

Everyone says study for a month and it’s easier to pass.


Watch this video and download a study app, there’s plenty for free. I watched this video twice and studied for a week and passed the FAA test with a 98% first try. You can watch that video and pass the NACHI test first try as well. Good luck to you.

Tony is the best. I didn’t know he had a drone course. I haven’t looked at his page in a while. Thanks for posting, I’ll check this out for sure.


FAA Commercial Operations Branch

Commercial Operators

I could not locate a waiver of Part 107 based upon drone weight. The distinction appears to be based purely on usage: recreational or commercial. If you’re using it in connection with a business purpose, you need the 107 certification.

Kind of a bummer. For low level, LOS, I would think a simple proficiency test would do the job. But, it’s a control issue, as the current regulatory cycle is proving.

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This video was really helpful. Thank you for posting! The other thing i did to get the necessary practice and learn what to expect was to buy the app Best $4.99 spent in a while…

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Glad you found it helpful, good luck in your venture!