Here's your chance to get rich quick

What we have are several drive-by inspections that need to be completed. These will require 2 photos (1 address 1 exterior) and a brief questionaire to follow. The inspections are in the following areas:
Lodi, CA 95240
Acampo, CA 95220
South San Francisco, CA 94080
The compensation for each of these is $8.00 per location. Please contact for more information.

$8 bucks wow…I would need about 100 of them a day!:shock:

Brian you need to up your understanding if RICH:shock: $800.00



TN email was $7 then raised the ante to $10

Although not much $$$ wise, I did this once and was able to get paid while placing my marketing materials at homes for sale in the areas that I was going to. The return for the inspections I got from that was good enough to justify doing it every now and then.

WOW! The last one I did was $45.00 and I was give a week to complete it. It paid for a tank of gas and was close to an inspection I had already had on the books. $8.00 is not worth even getting up for! Sorry I am not even remotely interested.

I saw an ad in craigslist this week. They were offering $4 per inspection. What a deal.

well 800 a day is better than 0 a day and in this market right now you just never know what next weeks going to bring…sure I miss the $3K+ days like back in 03-05!:mrgreen: I think my best day in 05 was close to $8k in one day so sure $800 is just spare change! but dont think we will see days like that any time soon :frowning: