Can you believe this one?

Had a call today from someone asking me to do “occupancy” inspections for them. First tip that they had no clue was a statement that there would be a ‘huge’ number of jobs (not likely in my small town), but then she proudly said that each job would pay $7.00 !! I gave her my stock answer - “lady, I wouldn’t even crank my car for $7.00”. What a joke. Do they really get people to do that for them?

Unfortunately, yes they do. Just search this MB, there are a few here who have admitted to working for less than peanuts!

Some do brain surgery on any size brain.:slight_smile:
Take it with a gain of salt.
Act professional in your reply if you can not introduce them to how professional inspectors approach their sales narrative.
As there are inspectors without a clue there are clients without a clue.
I have had buyers think I sell and inspect a home wearing the same hat throughout the relationship.:roll:

Yes, they have hit me up several times as well here in my metropolis of 200,000 people.

Unless your city has a population in the millions you will never get enough calls to make it worth anything.

I do occupancy inspections for a couple of different companies.

I just had one call me the other day offering $5 per inspection.
I told them good luck with that and hung up.

Please explain to occupancy inspection.
Now I am confused.

I work doing risk assessments (on these my client is the underwriter on homeowners insurance) between by buyers inspections. 2 kinds:

interior&exterior, takes like 15 minutes, pays 30-57.
exterior only takes 5 min pays $20, no appointment needed, you can really stack them up.

occupancy inspection in drive up, knock on the door, see if the house is abandoned or looks abandoned snap a cpouple pics and hit the road.

each inspection has about 5 min of uploading pics and data entry involved.

For me, in a small area like Rhode Island, it can pay a few hundred $ in a day where I can sometimes do a dozen in one day, but in some areas where population is more spread out, i cant see making decent money at it. Plus you really need to be very efficient with your scheduling.

I did them in the past. At one time I did them for two different companies at the same time. I could do 80-100 in a day and I usually worked 6 hour days. Here you worked starting the 17th of each month. The faster you worked the more you got. The orders have a 3-5 day time frame because they have a deadline. I’ve done over a 1000 in a month when they were booming here…

I get paid 25 for each occupancy check and if out of town they pay mileage as well. I also do securements which pays alot more. Drill out the locks and install new. Turn off the water and winterize. Pics and a list of content. O can generally have it all done in an hour and get 200 per.

Robert, my brother lives at Montreaux south of Reno. I have flown to Reno twice to do home inspections. I’ll look you up the next time I am there. Most of what I do there are very large mansions for “band members”.