The Kid has range

We know that doing two inspections a day is not unusual, but last week I think we covered more ground than any other week. Here is the cities we job locations from Sunday to Sunday. San Francisco, Woodside, Livermore, Salinas, San Jose, Half Moon Bay, Gilroy, Patterson, Oakdale, San Ramon, Patterson, Stockton, Fremont, San Jose, and Modesto.
I need one of those Google self driving setups in my transit so I can write the reports between jobs.

I feel ya.

When I was new to the biz (not sayin’ you’re new), I taveled south to San Diego, north to Fresno, east to Barstow and west to San Pedro all in the same week. We do what we gotta do in order to make it in this gig.

I do 150 miles in a day occasionally due to how spread out things are here but I would not travel that far in the Bay Area due to the congestion.

Hey Jeff,
Yeah not really new to this. We have seen a dramatic spike in our San Francisco and Silicon Valley clientele. There are a lot of foreign buyers and we have made some great connections as of late. The houses we have been traveling to are all multi-million dollar homes usually 6000 sq ft and over.
We hit our all time high last week with a 16 million dollar, 9600 sq. ft. home in Woodside with two separate outbuildings, detached Garage, pool on seven acres.
This was the first home that we did a fly around video on the property with our drone.

Fortunately, I don’t need to travel too far for work anymore. I do 10K+ sq ft homes a couple times per month, ranging from $900,000 to $9,000,000 depending on their location.

The same house in Palmdale CA might sell for $750K, but when moved to Bel Air (roughly 60 miles) will sell for $15M.

It is definitely all about location.