Hey all you internachi home inspectors just finished ICA schools looking forward to using this forum

Just joined up looking forward to all your advice in the near future thank you. I’m going to start working towards becoming an Internachi CPI . I ask you guys in the past on questions and advice even before my trial membership. Y’all have all been good to me and helpful I really do appreciate that. Looking forward to better myself as a home inspector through internachi God bless you all .

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Welcome back to our forum, Kevin…enjoy! :smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks Junior Fudge awesome :+1: name Bro I like it lol…

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Makes me sound young & sweet! :rofl:

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Heck yeah :+1::sunglasses::grin:

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Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Here’s some practical advice they don’t teach in school…Best of luck!

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Thank you sir…

I would remember this adage regarding the forum:
If God wishes someone well, He gives him insight into his faults.

All the best Kevin!:slight_smile:

Awesome :+1: I agree my friend what I really like about the home inspection biz. The culture of continued education and self betterment through others experience. I really look forward to all of your advice and help fine tune me as a better Inspector. I’m in the Atlanta , Ga area if anyone is from that area I would love to hear from you.