Hey Lewis, how is this not a free speech message board?

I’m here to make sure it is, so if you know something I don’t, let’s hear it.

Your members are the ones who suffer most from lack of free speech Nick, Bushart and others hold the COE over their heads claiming that any serious disagreement with them violtates the the COE and that members may be expelled for voicing their opinions, if they are not the right ones.

As I said I’m the example have Bushart send you his post about why I was kicked out and point out one quote of mine he posted where I turned out to be wrong, It seems that Michigan Judge agreed with me, including my post about Nachi Leadership reaching a new Low regarding your thread about Penile Implant humor.

I made the choice a couple of months before I was kicked out just to see how far I could push and how much I could pi$$ of Bushart and his pack, most other members are not as confrontational as I am Nick, when they are threatened or see someone threatened with expulsion by the hypocrits you have running your ESOP Committee, then they shut up or don’t offer any opinions or arguements that may rock the boat. The emails and PM’s sent to people who disagree with Bushart could be intimidating to some, along with the comments in the little red boxes they get for disagreeing with the pack.

On the other hand Non-members can exercise free speech here, if banned they can come back as someone else using an alias like some of your leaders do on other message boards, I was thinking about coming back as Harry Hemplestern, Harvey’s brother.

Hey Lewis,

You made your bed and now your pissed because you have to lay in it.

Why waste your time here? I’ve seen your other posts on TIJ and it seems to me your just a unhappy camper looking for revenge but you know what, life is too short, just let it go and move on to more productive activities that will enhance your life not make it self destruct!

Who is this Lewis guy, anyway?

I am a Member of the Environmental Solutions Association member #1683

I fulfill at least 24 hours of continuing education every year.
I have many years of home renovation experience.
I am a U.S. Army Retired Construction and Combat Engineer


[size=3]I am a graduate of several Kaplan Inspection Training Associates (ITA) Home Inspection Courses, KAPLAN ITA is the largest Home Inspection School in the U.S. [/size]

James, He is the one with three names… Lewis Capaul NACHI.

didn’t you see his signature at the end of his post???


Do you think he might need our help?

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Ah James, did it get too wet under your rock for you? I was hoping you’d crawl out.

Apparently he doesn’t.

And what could you help with Marcel, proving my point?

Lewis, I checked into this for you as I said I would. I can find no member who was ever kicked out for excersising his free speech rights. Are you claiming that you were?

As for members here who made some less than tasteful jokes (some made by me) about the owner of the for-profit company who runs the Minneapolis association who is also a public figure by virtue of her title there, I seriously doubt that you would consider those comments in the same league as her association’s public disparagment of our members in Pennsylvania, where the leadership of her organization in that state published articles in real estate magazines (note: much of our members work comes from real estate agents) claiming that we were an illegal association and that members of our association were operating illegally… in other words criminals.

Surely you would agree that some tasteless jokes on our own message board aren’t in the same category of conspiring to destroy other inspector’s businesses through published articles in real estate magazines in towns where our members have to put food on the table. Do you not agree?

Anyway… www.nachi.org/pascum.htm

For once we agree James, I believe Nick knows about everything you do, that’s why he sends you depositions to post isn’t it, what a lap dog.

Lewis, are you going to answer the questions in post #11?


Nick… I take it that you did some selective checking, before making this claim, if you had you would of found a few.
I agree that none were kicked out for exersising free speech, I know far a fact some were kicked out for exercising free speech. :twisted: :twisted:


Thanks for the spell check Dan. I’ll ask you the same question since Lewis won’t answer it. Who was kicked out for excersssisssing their free speech rights?

Me. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
If I didn’t say thanks before , THANKS, it was the best thing that happened to contribute to the success of my business,:smiley: :smiley:

I’ll let the other ones answer for themselves if they choose to do so.

Marcel, I do in fact, I wish he would let go of his anger and come back to NACHI again.

Dan, incorrect.

You were removed at the time for violating http://www.nachi.org/coe

I do agree with you on that, to a point Nick, but it is also within the rights of others to have found your “humor” disgusting and to voice out objections, which I did. As I said after I objected and started getting the F*** You messages again I decided to share your humor with others., and as I posted I still believe that it was a new low for Nachi leadership.

Look at Bushart’s post on why I was kicked out, read the quotes of mine he posted and tell me how they were anymore harmful to Nachi than yours. Mine included arguments about whether you had really won a great victory against NAHI and that according to the first agreement ALL MEMBERS would be required change their logos and marketing to InterNachi, and that in essence Nachi had ceased to exist except on paper work, it appears that I was right, which made it harmful to Nachi’s image.

There was an implied accusation of me stalking another member, we all know who, and the list of those who have been accused at one time or another would be very long in deed and would include Bushart and J. Farsetta., Roy Cooke, RR, and many others.

I was kicked out supposedly, for violating the COE by making remarks harmful to Nachi, even though those remarks were true, it’s either that or I was kicked out for reposting what you and others had said on a public message board, I didn’t make the embarrassing “jokes”, you did.

Yes I’m claiming that I was kicked out for exercising my free speech rights, I also understand that this is your Message Board and you and your "appointee’s decide what free speech comprises, it seems free speech here consists of agreeing with all InterNachi policies and the opinions of your ESOP Committee.

I admit that there aren’t many of your policies I am a fan of and I voiced my opinion of them. I did so with the intent of seeing just what Bushart would do, he had threatened me many times, along with others, with expulsion for statements that were made and opinions that we had, mostly over the subject of Washington State SPI Licensing, too bad Wendy chose the wrong side to listen to.

I agree with Bushart in that I violated the COE as he interpreted it, but I also exercised my free speech by arguing against many of your policies, and especially Bushart’s opinions and legal interpretations.

Its all water under the bridge, I’m happy with the outcome, but in the end I was kicked out for being argumentative, which is free speech.

See below Nick.