NACHI lost 10 members today.

This board was a great place. It will be as dead as the other one soon enough. I tried to help people out, but my posts dont post. My firm and my associates are done with this Org.

Why censorship? We’re all adults here.

Unfortunately, we are Not all adults here.

How do you figure that, you show up as a non member, so how can you quit?

I’m really disappointed Kim…I’m sure your 3 posts were helpful and we will really miss your wisdom.

Not trying to be ugly, but I don’t even know who Kim is. What org. is he/she with?

This post of hers counted as #3

She joined on the 10th of this month, so she is obviously a valued contributor! BTW, what is 3 divided by 10?


I am new here and it appears that I have made a wrong turn and ended up in the pre-school ward.

My sincerest apologies.


What is it you do? Who do you represent? Who are the ten people we lost? Seriously!

We are seeing one of the remaining flaws in the system that allows any tom/dick/harry to repeatedly sign up on the board I suspect. Let’s not take the bait folks.

Welcome aboard.

No problem, your Depends will fit right in. :roll:

I think one of them just showed up Randy. :wink:

Looks like +9 to me!

Sorry to see you go, it would have been very enlightening for all NACHI members to have you post on our MB…BTW This MB IS a great place with or without you bro.:roll:

I have to agree with Michael here.

Hey, it’s a zero sum game if the members we gained are as fake as the members we lost. :smiley:

Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! :roll:

Now that’s a great 1st post, :roll: You should fit right in. :shock: