Hey Nick

Well I’m out. Kind of hard to stay when the ED, the attorney, and nick want you gone…

So here’s the deal, I wanted out of nachi after what I saw what was happening to some poor smuck just trying to make a living with his web site, that was just the final straw for me. So I made a proposal after someone commented “why don’t you just leave” that I would be more then happy to leave if Nick would give me my years dues back. So our on again off again on again ED says nick will throw in an extra 20 for you to leave now, then the coat tail riding ferry pipped in and added money to Wendy if I would leave. So, I said okay…1 week later nothing was happening so I saw nick just posted about another vender offer and I used that chance to ask him what was going on? Are you sending me my money and are you removing me from nachi? He claims he knows nothing about what’s going on…shocker…So I cut and paste all the bs that was said because he is clueless about what really goes on in members only. As far as I know that thread may be gone because I can’t read half the bs on this bb.

So far all I know is my membership to nachi was removed and no one has contacted me to confirm anything, also recently I’ve learned that nick has failed on other promises of money. I’m glad I’m no longer in nachi, but I’m pissed that nick, John B, and ferry lied to do it. They only showed what they really are about…

It was fun, but I have bigger fish to fry…Good Luck to you guys.

I’m waiting by the mail box everyday for my check from nick.:roll:

Chuck… I have a feeling it’s gonna be a loooooong wait,
I’ve been waiting for my refund for over a year and a half.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

So sad to see you go!!!:frowning:


Your such a little puss ty.

I like big fish. Happy frying big daddy. :smiley:

I actually am sad to see you go Chuck.

Best of luck.

(And once again I find myself agreeing with Mr. Harris, it will be a cold day in the netherworld before you see any money.)

Poor schmuck is also sad to see ya go. I like someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind!

I’m not sad to see you go because you’re already gone.
However, I am sad to see that you are gone.
Best wishes.
And if you do catch some of those big fish, send one my way because they do, indeed, taste good with margaritas.

Actually, I have kind of enjoyed the few small war of words we have had, only one problem with that is, you always come unharmed.

I like getting you all fired up Chuck, you so dramatic.

Sorry to see you go Chuck, nice to see Tyrone was Un Harmed though.:roll: :wink:

LOL…I was thinking the same thing…canadian version of Unarmed? Silent H and all?

So Nick,

Are you going to live up to this agreement and send me my dues back? Plus send Wendy the other money? Oh, BTW…I hope you haven’t forgoten about that 500 you promised either.

This was my last hope that you would actually do what you promised. But, once again you only half delivered. Why was I removed again?

Now don’t be bashing us Canadians Tony, I may have made a small error is spelling, but I am sure you have as well.

The opposite is true Mr. Wheeler…I love Canadians…I would spend half the year in Canada if I could…besides it was Brian who brought it up…I actually saw it and dismissed it right after you posted, one of my faults is spelling police and I’m getting help for it.

Besides, you didn’t use an emoticon…so I apologize. :wink:

Mr. Neumann

I feel so warm and cuddly inside knowing that you love us.

Funny I want to spend half of the year in th US, someplace warm.

Maybe we can trade…wait I think you get snow and cold weather too.

Well that will just will not work

Our cold is so different than yours Mr. Francis…Toronto is wet cold…Colorado is dry cold…and where I live 10 degrees feels like 50 in Toronto. I have family in Buffalo…I have felt it, not pretty.

As for snow and cold…it can and will snow here just about any day of the year if conditions are right…but it won’t stick around.

I’m glad I could warm you inside…are you hanging w/ Ty this week?

I love my Canadian friends.
They keep me on my toes with all my misspellings:



The folks in the Great White North are the best.
They probably even drink margaritas. :cool:
A few have even sent me some snow, which melted by the time it got here, but I simply refroze it and made some margaritas with it.
'Twas yummy. :smiley:


I am not talking to you after all I sent you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this March not so much as a Rum and Coke Mmmmmmmmmm So I’ll say it again *HAPPY BIRTHDAY and again and again!!!***Just kidding RR

Mr Neumann “Toronto is wet cold” are you talking about the people?

Squeeler.:twisted: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well in that case Tyrone, I am terribly sorry you were harmed.:frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: