Hey, Nick.......

…I know that what ASHI can do, we can do better.

What can you do with this?

While it would not be hard for anyone to do on their own, putting together such an item and marketing it, nationally, as an association also has a great benefit.

Whatta ya think?


Sure, I’ll have a course built for it. Demand on this is really soft I will warn.

I have tried marketing this before and went to home health care providers to drop off information and give sales pitches in the past. I developed a HomeGauge template specifically for home safety inspection for the elderly and people with dimensia based on a checklist from a couple of doctors in NJ.

I haven’t had much luch with it in the past, but I really don’t try to get out there and sell the service too much. I was also working on a childproofing inspection template too for clients having a child or adopting one. I stopped mid-stream because I became too busy doing regular home inspections.

That’s basically the problem with them. No consumer wants to pay for it as a separate inspection and so there is no additional revenue added by offering it.

And those who purchase a full home inspection assume safety is included, and for the most part they are correct… it is essentially a subset of a full home inspection.

I’d love for someone to “show me the money” because I just don’t see it.

I attended the two-hour course at a two day chapter meeting in September. There was nothing in it that isn’t advertised on the brochure…but the instructor claimed that he (at $100 per safety inspection) is entering 2010 with 360 of them already on the books.

Presumably, this is sold as an annual inspection and each year builds upon the next.

Joe Farsetta told me I was crazy for considering offering anything to do with “safety” from a liability standpoint. I put it on the back burner for a while. I think that NACHI, with its marketing power, could sanitize it and make it something that would be safe to sell.

There are many web sites out there that specialize in child and elderly safety. I include pages of safety tips with every inspection. Perhaps Ben could write a book/pamplet…

I have also tried to sell seperately; just too much free info out there on the web.

Have to agree with Nick on this one…and also wonder who might be the one with dementia. :stuck_out_tongue: The whole thing is a bad idea except for the instructor making money off of classes for this B.S.

The upside might be that you could get old people to write you $10,000 checks for a home inspection. :smiley:

I have been doing this for years, and promoting NACHI in the process.

Free home safety check-ups. Usually in the fall (about this time, when the holidays slow home sales). Check the furnace, water heater, etc, for venting promlems and gas leaks and a general safety inspection (reversed polarity, etc) and water intrusion.

I have a whole booklet that I give them.

And, I have gotten a locak radio and TV station to run free public service ads for it.

Did two, in my area. One for a local candy manufactrer and one for the Executive Director of the locak chamber of commerce (for his church) and in both found massive CO emissions from older furnaces (which the replaced).

But the PR was great.

The candy guy has been sending, free, 100 lb boxes of chocolate to my daughter (at the U.S. Naval Academy, every hear on her birthday, which she shares with her whole company. He told me, just the other day, that the number of orders from Academy parents (from all over the country) has greatly increased. His web site is here: http://www.illinoisnut.com/.

Give him a call. The Peanut Butter Barks and Chocolaty covered Cherries are great (and your wives will LOVE them).

The COC director was so impressed that he has afforded me with 3 chamber sponsored education (power point of NACHI information) seminars.

Great marketing.

Beats sitting home and playing with this web site :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

I guess that proves Nick point if you have free public service ads and you can’t even give this type of inspection away. Nice of you to do though.

These inspections have been very helpful to my business. Good will from the public has helped our NACHI CHapter to gain visability.

Doing these inspections for some elderly people has helped me because they tell their sons and daugthers to hire me when they buy houses.

It has made me very visable to our local chamber of commerce, and to other nearby chambers (our chamber holds multi chamber events.) These have forged relationships with contractors (HVAC, electrical, insulation,m etc) who I get to know and refer to my clients. They also refer clients to me. One insulatyion company, regularly, advises the client to have an energy audit done before they install new insulation to an older home.

Hope this helps;