Let's not waste time while we're in Vegas. We need some BIG plans for the profession.

Think way outside the box and think BIG! What can we do for the industry this coming year?

Specify the comment.

Big in ways to make income ?

Ways to promote NACHI ?

Ways to educate the public ?

Ways to educate Inspectors ?

Ways to change what home inspection is ?

Ways to market and promote ourselves ?

Now personally Nick I understand you wanting it ti be about NACHI …go figure but
many of us may simply wish to get together and talk.

Let nature take its course here.

Keys to success “let nature take it’s course” I think not!

A joint association sponsored national ad program on the benefits of having a home inspection.

Independence from Realtors

Most RE’s suggest and recommend HI’s. They rule. We should.

I would like to work a few gimmicks into my services so that I can hang out with the cool inspectors once again. :wink:

Stomp out any success Real Estates have recommending any Home Inspectors for the rest of their born days.
Sting operations to catch unethical actions by Real Estate Agents and Brokers scratching backs of soft report Home Inspectors.
last but not least, appoint Nick to act as the Brain to try to take over the world of Home Inspector Associations.:mrgreen:

Big for the profession. What can the industry do big this year?

What if the profession did something all at the same time on the same day? Something that would make national news.

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Ha ha I have no desire to have a structured meeting because thats what classes are for.

What you wish to talk about may be totally different from myself.

I could care less about marketing for instance as I can turn up volume anytime I wish simply because of all my stored knowledge while you may want to have NICK or Nathan act as head school master preaching Recall check or CMI which I have zero need to learn about nor do I wish a sales pitch.

Just had a BNI group guy beg me to join 10 minutes ago but too busy for it.

What I care about is inspection methods and report theory which is almost never discussed other than “my software is better than yours”.

Saving time for me is about being on site and doing reports at home :not some guy selling a mass email program or me spending even more time writing up insurance.

Inspection on a basic level is about the nuts and bolts daily operation and having clients plus Agents like you on a personal level which no amount of gimmicks can help with.

Your work must be done by you till the day they invent a robot assistant that can follow you everywhere typing your thoughts .

Just got off the phone with a repeat client and grilled her on my personal process…note: personal process.

Her main reason for using me is my use of photos to make everything simple to comprehend.

Some others its all about speed and aux services which I do not provide but while typing this tomorrows Agent asked me if I know anyone that does Radon…hmmm.

Maybe we should have a Free Aging in Place Inspection Day across N. America. Participating members could offer to do one Aging-In-Place inspection for free for anyone over the age of 65 on that day. I bet I could get tons of media coverage.

Here is an article about it: http://www.nachi.org/aging-in-place.htm

Here is the checklist. It is maybe a 30 minute inspection at most: http://www.nachi.org/documents/aging-in-place-inspection-checklist.pdf

Lets all double our prices on the same day :mrgreen:

1? I’ll do 5

I like that.

InterNACHI Aging in place day. I am down.

I like it because our industry is already too agent and real estate transaction oriented. The Free Aging In Place Inspection Day isn’t. And the media would love it as we are protecting our seniors for free.

I can only think of one group of people more deserving that seniors, and that would be wounded warriors.

Many are both.