offers InterNACHI members a new way to make money.


I think this is a great idea, although I dont agree with selling products to our Home Inspection clients. I think it is un-ethical to advertise any product at a home inspection.
Although I think it is ok to post products on your website for people to purchase. There is no pressure on your website for them to purchase it from you.

I am definitely old school. Do not put anything into the septic other than what it was designed for. ****! To-days younger generation dump everything in the world down the drain. Septic was not designed for to-days modern living habits. Besides when did the SOP require septic inspection. This is just as dumb as the fireplace logs for cleaning flues.

Home inspectors need to concentrate on being good home inspectors.

The idea of piece-mealing a variety of services in tandem with or in place of regular home inspections is demeaning to our industry.

Where does it stop?

Mr. Client, you will need something to help you keep your septic tank full of bacteria…so let me sell you some. You will certainly be preserving leftovers in your new kitchen…how are you doing on tupperware? I also happen to be an Amway distributor should you run out of toilet paper or laundry detergent. Oh, and call me this winter if you would like me shovel your driveway…and I also mow lawns.

Damn it. We are home inspectors. We should act like it and stop looking and sounding like parasites.

I kind of agree with Ricky on this one. It is a good product to put on your website where there is no pressure to buy… or perhaps do a mailing to your past clients.


Seems like a new business forthcoming.

“Home Maintenance Professional”

Does all of the above (less the Amway + tupperware. Avon is OK).

Plus baby-proofing, air filter changing, smoke detector testing, tub caulking, light bulb changing, etc…

Pricing per job + materials.

Would the above be considered repairs for COE purposes? :wink:

Selling septic treatment products does not violate our COE as septic systems are outside our SOP.

I would think that some clients would want this product.

I have to admit Amway has some great products.

I’m having a, um, ah… “get-together” this weekend with a few associates, I mean fiends, yeah, friends to talk about um, ah, uh…generating income.

Why don’t you stop by. You’re a sharp guy, you’d really like it. :wink:

Just offer NACHI members 5% off of your jar openers and you will become an instant vendor with a video encouraging home inspectors to sell Amway to their customers.

(I’m going to throw up, now)

My Wife sells Avon :D:D:D:D, can I get credit too? :mrgreen:

I have done several maintance jobs just as mentioned from people calling on my HI advertising and asking for referals for such jobs. Times are tough, keeps the money coming in, and gets your name out there.

Just be sure to keep these jobs seperate from HI business, as COE and Nick has stated, Home Inspectors don’t change light bulbs. People have refered thier friends and family HI jobs to me based on my professionalism and thier satifaction of the maintnance job being done correctly. I say if no conflict, Go For It.

Anybody need thier GFCI’s tested, just kidding! :eek:

Pssst Hey Buddy…

I don’t believe I gave you permission to use my new logo. :wink:

“sell” !!! Please, don’t make me laugh. The average home inspector couldn’t sell a lifejacket to a drowning man. I didn’t say anything about selling!

I’m not picking on the average home inspector here, I’m just pointing out that the average home inspector has absolutely no selling skills whatsoever and couldn’t hold the door for a good salesman.

What I’m talking about is creating a flyer for this product with your contact information on it. Then when you notice that the home has a septic system, you can tell your client (on site) something like: “I noticed the home has a septic system. I’m also a distributor for a product you might want to consider using to help lengthen the life of your septic system. Here is a flyer on it. I have more information about septic systems and product ordering information on my inspection website.”

Anyway, we shouldn’t flatter oursleves and call this “sales.” At most it is offering an appropriate product/service to a client who might want/need it.

Here is some septic system info (copyright safe) that you can put on your website:

For those of you who DON’T have kids at home who have to eat… disregard my previous posts.

You are free to remain solely home inspectors who don’t have to offer ancillary inspections or products.

  1. Check with your local health department before using additives. Commercial septic tank additives do not eliminate the need for periodic pumping and can be harmful to your system.

People will use this stuff(because they see the adds on TV and magazines) even when every study(unbiased) I’ve read says they are unnecessary for a properly designed and function system.

What makes them necessary isn’t improperly designed systems as much as it is the bacteria killing chemicals and soaps homeowners dump into them.

Although and additional break-down tank in series really helps too (if your yard can afford the room). It’s the field that is expensive (or impossible) to replace, so an extra tank usually makes sense. 3 tanks in a row and you have almost clear water discharging into the field.