HG Companion Devices

I picked up HG companion during the cyber Monday special. I don’t yet have a device for it. I’d like to stay with the android based devices and have been looking at the Samsung Tablets. Don’t want anything too large and I would prefer not to use it on my phone. So what devices are you using? HG recommends a flash. Any feed back is appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Works great once your figure out where the hidden buttons are on the bottom of the screen.

I went from the tab 3 to the note 3. Wish I did it earlier.

Note 5 is our new favorite, you could also order the Nexus 6P. Both are great devices, but we prefer the Note due to stylus for people to sign with. Yes I use phones for tablets as I prefer iPhone.

I’d go with a Note 4 or 5. Tabs are too big to lug around IMO.

I use the Samsung Tab S also works great with the Spectoscope… and I agree about finding hidden buttons.

Do you use the tablet to take pics then? I just added the companion as well.

I tried using the Samsung tablet years ago, I found it was to big, I’ve used a Samsung G5 for a while now and it works great.

Yes I use it to take pics but I also use my note 3 mainly inside and Tab S outside because of larger screen and easier to see with Spectocope.

Ok thanks. I have a Samsung g4 but have always taken pics with a separate camera. looking at how to best use the companion.

Do all in my note 3 except for bright flash pica and crawlspace pics. Most pics and all comets in phone.

I don’t plan on using it as a phone but as a dedicated device for HG. My current plan is to use it to collect the generic over view pictures and the Style and Materials. Then finish report at office.

Then decide if you want something you slip into your pocket or something you have to carry around.

I hate mine as a phone, works great for work.

I use the samsung galaxy camera 2. It is great. Pocket size with telescopic len.

Yep, just trying to get an idea of what’s being used so when I go look at them in person I’ll know which ones to focus on.

I’m thinking not too big but bigger then my S4 phone. The stylus seems like a nice feature.

I currently use a Galaxy S4 for the companion. Works pretty well. I don’t use it as a phone only as a mini tablet.

If they ever get the iPhone software debugged I’ll probably switch to my iPhone so I don’t have to pack two devices around.