Which Tablet To Buy

I have 2 desktops, and 3 laptops. Two of my laptops are Fujitsu Lifebook Tablets and one is a standard HP laptop. I’m thinking of buying a PLAIN tablet - No keyboard.

My wife has an I-Pad she takes on trips that she can use for Pics and to check and send emails with. I’m thinking of something similar … Mainly to take on trips cause its smaller, lighter, etc BUT for me I’d like to have something I** could pull up and use my HG software, MS Word, Excel, etc if needed** BESIDES just check and send email, etc. **I’ve always been a PC guy.
Could use some others thoughts on brand, size, storage capacity, etc

Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7" works well for me with HG fits in cargo pants pocket. I think you would get used to what ever you purchased, they are fun. Go to best buy and look them over. I don’t know about MS word

Samsung Note. The screen is big enough, at least for me, fits in your pocket and easier to carrier around at an inspection than a tablet. It can does Word, Excel, ect. Takes great photos, on and on.

Guys … Not gonna be carrying on inspections. Just for travel, etc. if that makes a difference.

Then I’d go to Best Buy andlook at theseto see what fits your needs best.

I have a Samsung Pro 8.4that works great for me, they’re no longer available. It does everything you noted above. The ones in the link above are the “newer” models. The Tab S 8.4 is the replacement for what I have.

Since you’re a PC guy, check out the Microsoft Surface Pro (3 is older, still available, & 4 is the newer version)

Runs Windows, Office, full blown HG, etc.
The cover is a keyboard, or leave it off and type on the screen.