Companion Device; Your input please!

Hello guys,

I’m a greenhorn getting things set up for my business.:mrgreen:

I played around with a few apps and prefer the HG platform, and have since bought the full version. Now I’m at the point where i’m deciding what device to license. I’ve got a slightly older android tablet that has hardly been used, but the size of it is cumbersome. It also doesn’t fit that great in any pockets.

What device is your Companion app on guys? Is there any benefit to putting it on my cell phone? At the moment I plan on using my personal phone as my business number.

Others can chime in, but you can move your HG Companion license from one device to another so if you don’t like it on the larger device you can try your mobile. You can download the app on both of them and experiment then activate on your choice.

ios is still in beta but slowly getting better.


Thanks Russell

I’ve had good luck with Samsung Note ans Samsung S5. They fit in your back pocket.

Note 4.

I’ve used a Samsung S5 for the past year and really like the size for my pocket.

Thanks for the input John, I too have the galaxy 5 and im glad i decided to run comp’ on it.

I have a couple samsung galaxy tab 10.1 - I enjoy the large screen size and never had any interest in putting it in my pocket. Most of the time its in my hands because I’m constantly writing items up and taking pictures.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 2014 Edition. It has the advantage of being able to use the pen to make handwritten notes. I use HG to record all the Styles and materials information and an app called Lecture Notes to make handwritten notes.

Works great for me.

I started with a Samsung 10.1 tablet and also found it to big, I currently use a Samsung G5 and it works great! It is on my belt until I need it for notes and pictures. I still use a digital camera also for attics and no roofs.

I’m using it on a Droid Turbo and it’s awesome. Stays in the belt clip til I need to make a defect note and no more fiddling with a notepad and pen and sometimes forgetting where I put it down, lol.

I don’t use HG or Mobile, but I’ll comment on the more important piece of info you mentioned, but everyone else ignored…


It is a big mistake to start out with one number, and try to switch to a new number, or separate the two numbers later!!!

You basically need to get your number out there, and NEVER change it!!!

You’ve been warned.

I think about half the inspectors I know use their mobile number as their business number. I do too actually… It’s very convenient and professional when your answering service is right…

Also, love my Samsung S6…

So, what’s your point? Probably about 90% of the inspectors you know are newbies just starting out. I also wouldn’t compare a software geeks phone etiquette to that of an inspectors. Just because many use one phone number for all, does not make it the best decision, just the cheapest one. Point is, most PROFESSIONALS do not tie their business phones together with their private phones. The IRS is gonna luv you come audit time!

My point is that it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be and in fact it’s quite common. Many of my clients have been inspecting longer than you including a major association president and especially inspection vets in California who are close to retirement.

Apologies to Russell for responding here…