Best Tablet / Phone for HG?

I have been using HomeGauge for about a year and a half with my Samsung Galaxy S tablet. I think it may be a problem with the device, but I often have my camera flash stop working and occasionally I get complete reboots without notice (that part really sucks). I use a lot of voice dictation for the inspection, so that may be a factor as well.

If anyone could give me some advice on a very stable, solid tablet that you have been using successfully, I would appreciate it. I’ve been looking at the Sony Xperia line as they are also waterproof. I’m not too concerned about price, but I need something that doesn’t shut down on its own often and requires me to reboot in order to get a properly working camera. Any advise you might have would be appreciated!


I’ve used an S4, S5, and Note 4, with No issues with camera or rebooting.

I have used the S series and Note 3 and 4. Very few issues and they fit in a tool belt

Thanks for your replies. It looks like those are all phones. Perhaps my problem is because it is a tablet? Also, do you do a lot of voice dictation? Maybe that puts extra strain on the CPU or connection?

I use it 6-12 times an inspection.

I’m going to be getting the Galaxy Tab A 8" this week. I think this will be a nice size.

That’s for the additional info. I think my Galaxy Tab S is the problem. There are reports of battery problems on the web. I have a few weeks left in the warranty, so will be sending it back. The tablet size is nice, but the rebooting and lack of flash all the time for the camera slows me down tremendously. I’ll try a few inspections with my phone, a Galaxy note 4, to see if I have the same problems.

Nice tablet, but the size is questionable.

Try walking around your next inspection with a blank VHS tape in your hand and you’ll see what I mean.


I agree. I have a S tab pro (8.4") that I use at home but for me is way to big to lug around at an inspection. The Note 4 I use has a big enough screen, and a great camera. I’d recommend any of the Notes, 4, 5, or 6, before any tablets.

What’s a vhs tape? JK. I have the Note 3, it’s just too small for me.

I bought this back in early December through here. Just like new except for a torn box. The processor is not as fast as the Tab St but I use it mainly as my media device/server and it’s pretty reliable. No complaints at all…


I can’t see lugging a tablet into a crawlspace or attic. It’s the note and a pair of glasses for me.

For anyone considering a tablet make sure it has a flash for the rear facing camera.

7 inch tablet will fit in your pants pocket. An 8 inch I don’t think will fit.

Any idea what 7" has a flash?

I haven’t looked lately. The Acer A 100 was an awesome 7 inch with flash and they stopped making them. You may have difficulty finding one with a flash.

Try one of the many add-on led flash plugin gizmos…


Great find. Thanks

I use my surface pro 3 and it works great. I don’t use it to take pictures though due to no flash. But I am able to take the desktop version of HG out with me and I have a micro SD slot for my pictures. I bought a SD card with a micro SD card inside. Right now just playing with my report to start making it go faster.

Bringing up an old thread here, but it seemed like the best place for my question. I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite with HG Companion for the last 3.5 years. It works fine, but I would like to change to an Samsung phone (Note??) for the camera flash and smaller size. I’d only be using this device as a tablet (I use an iPhone for calls, texts, emails, etc.) so I don’t need a data plan. Not being familiar with the Samsung phone offerings, what’s the best bang-for-the buck if all I want is a smaller tablet with a flash? Where’s the best place to get one? New or refurbished?


The Note 5 would be your best bet. IMHO. Try Gazelle.