HG Companion quit and data is lost

Help! I at the end of a 3 hour inspection. Homegauge companion performed an auto-save and then abruptly quit. I opened the report again but all data is gone.

On the weekend I think you might get more help on the Facebook group. See my signature.


Update: Mike emailed me almost immediately. He had me try to restore from home gauge companion, but there were no restores to restore from. Unfortunately, my data appears to be lost. Since I was still on site, I was able to easily retake all of the pictures of the defects, and will build the report later using HomeGauge desktop. This is the first time in over 30 inspections of using HomeGauge companion, but something like this has happened.

Curious, what type/brand of device were you using?

IPhone 6 Plus with IOS 9.3.1. HG Companion 5.1.41.
I was saving the report every so often, in addition to the auto-saves that happen regularly. I was entering a comment when the auto-save feature kicked in. Then it quit. It’s very strange that there was no backup given all the saving that goes on. I did note that I had almost 30 inspections on my device and have since cleared almost all
of them out, but I have the 128GB model of the iPhone 6 Plus with over 50 GB available so I don’t think it was memory related.

Luckily, it was a fairly clean inspection and it only took me a few minutes to snap photos of the defects. I’ve never liked that HG Companion doesn’t save the photos to the camera roll on the iPhone.

I’m glad you had a happy ending.

I had this happen several times with iOS before we gave up and went android. I lost everything several times even after a manual saves. Supposed you lost your photos though, we were always able to get photos from camera roll… go android, works much better.

I’ve gotten in the habit of after every entry I save, it’s a pain but not as bad as starting over